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Shadows Fall

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Country: USA
Label: Razor & Tie

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Formed in: 1996
Hiatus: 2014-
Reunion: 2021

1996-2000Melodic death metal
2000-Modern thrash metal


1996-  Jonathan Donais - guitars, backing vocals
1996-  Matthew "Matt" Bachand - guitars, backing vocals
1996-  Paul Romanko - bass
1999-  Brian Fair - vocals
2001-  Jason Bittner - drums
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1996  Damien McPherson - vocals
1996-1997  Mark LaLiberte - bass
1996-1999  Philip Labonte - vocals
1996-2000  David Germain - drums
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1996  Adam Dutkiewicz - drums
2001  Derek Kerswill - drums
2009  Randy Blythe - vocals

Latest reviews

Of all the Metalcore bands, Shadows Fall remains one of the most respected. The American band was one of the first in the league ok but of course this is just the great quality of a majority of their releases which gave this status to the band. After...
Review by Jeff ››
Oh my! This here is easily one of the best albums of the year. This makes me extremely happy as finally, a relatively 'new' band is capable of gaining my attention and producing some great music.

As most of our readers probably know, Shadows...
Review by jupitreas ››

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