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1998-  Trevor Phipps - vocals
1998-  Buz McGrath - guitars
2002-2007  Mike Justian - drums
› 2022-  -//-
2014-  Chris O'Toole - bass
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1998-2002  Mike Rudberg - drums
1998-2002  Chris Rybicki - bass
1998-2022  Ken Susi - guitars
2002-2014  John Maggard - bass
2007-2010  Derek Kerswill - drums
2012-2022  Nick Pierce - drums
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2011  Justin Foley - drums
2001  Scott McDonald - guitars
2001-2004  Kia Eshghi - guitars
2002  Dave Stauble - guitars
2005  Peter Layman - guitars
2007  Gene Hoglan - drums
2009  Emil Werstler - guitars
2010  Branden Morgan - drums
2011  Justin Foley - drums
2013  Doc Coyle - bass
2013  Mike Sciulara - drums

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Fans of Killswitch Engage, and others Metalcore bands, let's talk today about the last album of the American combo Unearth. "III: In The Eyes OF Fire" is the 3rd album of the band and well if you like this new kind of Metal I truly believe...
Review by Jeff ››
I can't understand why people worship this type of bands that much; Unearth is one of those mediocre bands with awful music, hideous guitar riffs, bad drumming, and weird musical style. The music actually sounds like the worst weed trip you've...
Review by Herzebeth ››
Nowadays it seems like releasing compilation is some kind of dream the labels have, dream about earn big money of own and somebody else's artists.
But about 90% of all those compilations are crap; there are just a few that are really worth the money...
Review by Malcolm ››

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