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Muhammed Suiçmez


1992- Necrophagist - guitars, vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 28.11.1975

Guitarist, composer, singer Muhammed Suiçmez is of Turkish decent, but born & raised in Germany. He taught himself guitar, practising daily in secret, as his strict parents disapproved. His early influences were Carcass, Death, Entombed, Morbid Angel, and later the great Yngwie Malmsteen who he styled some work on. He wrote the dark lyrics for "Onset Of Putrefaction" at the age of only 14, inspired by Carcass. In 1991, Muhammed formed the technical death metal band Necrophagist, which has had an unsteady line-up history, and in 1998 he had to record their debut album "Onset Of Putrefaction" nearly single handed, but it had a huge impact on the underground scene and even bigger impact on fellow musicians. The follow up album in 2004 "Epitaph" again show cases Muhammed's incredibly hard rhythmic licks.

Muhammed has 3 Custom Ibanez Xiphos guitars, one of which is a 7 string. His first guitar has reverse sharktooth inlays. His second custom and third custom (7 string) have a Necrophagist inlay on the fretboard. For most Necrophagist recordings Muhammed is tuned in D standard (ADGCFAD for seven strings , DGCFAD otherwise). Muhammed is also working with Ibanez on a 7-string custom shop xiphos with 27 frets, which can be seen on their myspace page.
Before he became endorsed by Ibanez, he used a Vigier Marilyn, then later switched to a BC Rich Stealth Model, as used by Chuck Schuldiner of Death. He uses various ENGL heads, mainly an SE670. For cabs he uses Vader 4x12's with a line 6 Uber Metal Distortion Pedal.