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Philip Labonte


1996-1999 Shadows Fall - vocals  
1998- All That Remains - vocals  
1999 Aftershock - guitars  

Live musician

2010 Killswitch Engage - vocals  
2016 Five Finger Death Punch - vocals  

Guest musician

2010 Tarja - vocals  
2011 Jasta - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 15.04.1975

Labonte's first band was formed in the mid-nineties by the name of Perpetual Doom. The band played death metal and its members were teenagers at the time. The original vocalist of Perpetual Doom was Scott Estes. Labonte, however, took over the vocal position and also played the guitar. Other members included Ken Robert (vocals, guitar), Bill Brault (bass), and Steve Gonsalves (drums). Perpetual Doom released a seven track demo in 1995 called "Sorrow's End".

Labonte left Perpetual Doom, however, to be the lead vocalist for Shadows Fall. Labonte did not play guitar for this band like he did in Perpetual Doom, and was Shadows Fall's first vocalist, completing their first ever lineup. The band's debut record, Somber Eyes to the Sky, was released in 1997 through Lifeless Records, a label owned by Shadows Fall guitarist Matt Bachand. Labonte was asked to leave Shadows Fall due to "musical differences"[1] and was replaced with current vocalist Brian Fair, leaving Somber Eyes To The Sky as the only Shadows Fall record with Labonte on vocals.

In 1998, Labonte formed All That Remains as a side project. After leaving Shadows Fall, All That Remains became his main priority. Their debut record, Behind Silence and Solitude, was released in 2002 through Prosthetic Records/Razor & Tie. A short time later, Labonte tried out for Killswitch Engage after the departure of their vocalist, Jesse Leach. Although he lost the audition to current vocalist Howard Jones, the band told him he was a close second. In Killswitch Engage's DVD "(Set This) World Ablaze", Labonte states that Jones is a better singer than him.

Labonte currently takes singing lessons from Melissa Cross and released All That Remains' most recent record, Overcome, in the fall of 2008.

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