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Also known as Tartaros

Country: Germany
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1985
Broke up: 1988-2001
Broke up: 2001-2008

1985-Thrash metal
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1985-  Mem Von Stein - vocals
1985-  Ray Mensch - guitar
2009-  Anthony Schiavo - bass
2010-  Matthias Kassner - drums
2013-  Marc Bräutigam - guitars
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1985-1988  Syke Bornetto - drums
1985-1988  Bernie Siedler - guitar
› 2008-2009  -//-
1985-1988  Paul Arakaki - bass
› 2008  -//-
› 2009-2010  -//- guitar, vocals
2009-2010  J.P. Rapp - drums
2010-2013  Holger Kolb - guitar
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2001  Bernie Siedler - guitar

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TL;DR version for those that can't be arsed to read reviews: Hostile Defiance sums up what Exumer have been throughout their career; far from brilliant, but undeniably decent and sometimes even enjoyable.
Review by nikarg ››
When a band releases its first full-length album in 25 years, the initial reaction is why? And unless ample reasons can be found, the suspicion of milking the sacred cow looms blasphemously in the mind.

Exumer's 2012 release Fire And Damnation is by no means a shameless cash-grab, but nor does it constitute the comeback of the century.
Review by Lemski ››

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