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Getting Stoked For Toxic Holocaust - Conjure And Command

Written by: Doc G.
Published: 19.05.2011

Let's take a look back at 2008...What a great year for thrash it was; Warbringer, Cavalera Conspiracy, Hexen, Bonded By Blood - Those were just the debuts! Not quite a debut, but an album that saw the breakthrough of the formerly underground Toxic Holocaust was An Overdose Of Death..., a release which stood head & shoulders above a good majority of it's rivals that year. The album had all the elements required to make a top-notch thrash release; stripped-down, yet simultaneously full sounding, super-aggressive punk-drenched riffs played at hyper-speed, and just catchy enough.

...But it's been 3 years, we've all overdosed on that album to death by now, or at least you should have - if not, go back and do it now. For those of us who have already spent far too much time rocking out to tracks like "Gravelord" and "Wild Dogs", I come bearing great news. On July 19th, Toxic Holocaust returns with the highly anticipated follow-up Conjure And Command. That's about 2 months away for those of you trying to count on your fingers.

So how awesome will this be? Undoubtedly awesome, as Joel Grind seems to have a strong, realistic vision for what his band should sound like. Don't take our word for it, take his. Mr.Grind was kind enough to give MetalStorm and it's readers an exclusive insight as to what to expect:

"What people can expect from Conjure and Command is a step forward in aggression and speed from our previous records. The production is clearer (not cleaner) and actually more raw if that makes any sense. The distortion has been taken up a notch, you can just hear it better now. The songs and arrangements are more varied this time around but most tracks are balls out sonic mayhem."

Interpret that how you will, it sounds like Toxic Holocaust are sharpening their teeth - doing what they/he does best, but taking it another step further. So in other words, Toxic Holocaust³. All in all, it seems like a natural direction, as the only truly lacking aspect of An Overdose Of Death... was the fact that it was a bit on the repetitive side as a whole.

"Nowhere To Run" - a new cut from the upcoming album can be heard on their myspace.

In case you forgot already - Conjure And Command releases July 19th through Relapse Records.

Toxic Holocaust - Conjure And Command

1. Judgment Awaits You
2. Agony Of The Damned
3. Bitch
4. Red Winter
5. Nowhere To Run
6. I Am Disease
7. In The Depths (Of Your Mind)
8. The Liars Are Burning
9. Revelations
10. Sound The Charge

Here's to what's hopefully going to be another thrash-fest leaving us frothing at the mouths.

Written on 19.05.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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19.05.2011 - 12:31

Can't wait for this riff fest to get released. Expectations are too high after the last album.
19.05.2011 - 13:53
The new logo is horrible. Didn't dig the track at all either. Not looking forward to this at all.
19.05.2011 - 17:02
Koen Smits

Looking forward to this one.
Also noticed some Slayer in the new song.
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Written by Bad English on 05.04.2014 at 15:05

but spoil thius film is like spoil porn and say porn ends whit cum shot ...
21.05.2011 - 02:33
LeChron James
This should be good, Joel Grind is a savage.
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25.05.2011 - 06:56

I miss the old logo but I'm still pumped for this release
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25.05.2011 - 17:02

Saw them - had no idea who they were, the songs played sounded great live, got the album - was disapointed. An Overdose Of Death probably the least interesting thrash album i ever heard.
26.05.2011 - 06:12
Thrash Talker
Written by HardSide on 25.05.2011 at 17:02

Saw them - had no idea who they were, the songs played sounded great live, got the album - was disapointed. An Overdose Of Death probably the least interesting thrash album i ever heard.

Really ? oh my... I think totally differently but anyways, we all have different opinions in this metal world
Anyways, if you want more than interesting Toxic Holocaust, listen to Evil Never Dies ! ITS INSANE ! great debut album.
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21.07.2011 - 08:37

Id say his description basically fits the album perfectly. The aggression and distortion have definately been kicked up, and well, obviously it's sonic mayhem. I kinda miss that punk rock charm "An Overdose" had, but this album makes up for it.
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