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Lux Occulta

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Country: Poland
Label: Maquiavel Records

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Formed in: 1994
Split: 2002-2011

1994-2000Atmospheric black metal
2001Avantgarde black metal
2013-Extreme avantgarde metal
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1994-  Jerzy Głód - keyboards
1994-  Jarosław Szubrycht - vocals
1998-  Vogg - guitars
2012-  Maciej Tomczyk - guitars
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1994-1996  Aemil - drums, percussion
1994-1998  G' Ames - guitars
1994-1998  Jackie - bass
1994-2003  Piotr "Peter" Szczurek - guitars
1996-2001  Krzysztof "Kriss" Szantula - drums, percussion
1998-2002  Marcin Rygiel - bass
2001-2002  Kastor - guitars
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2001  Gerard Niemczyk - drums

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It's curious to see what long absences from the music scene can do to bands when they finally hop back into it, either resulting in them losing momentum and slowly crumbling, or, on rarer occasions, being reborn into a completely different, though just as potent entity. This year, with Kołysanki, Lux Occulta are giving us quite a stunning example of the latter case.
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