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Wacław Kiełtyka


1996- Decapitated - guitars (as Vogg)  
1998- Lux Occulta - guitars (as Vogg)  
2005 Sceptic - guitars (as Vogg)  
2019-2024 Machine Head - guitars (as Vogg)  

Live musician

2008-2010 Sceptic - guitars (as Vogg)  
2008-2010 Vader - guitars (as Vogg)  

Guest musician

2008 Blindead - accordion (as Vogg)  
2008 Virgin Snatch - guitars (as Vogg)  
2009 Thy Disease - guitars (as Vogg)  
2009 Vader - guitars (as Vogg)  
2010 Acid Drinkers - guitars (as Vogg)  
2010 Crionics - accordion (as Vogg)  
2010 Neolith - guitars (as Vogg)  
2011 Death Denied - guitars (as Vogg)  
2011 Newbreed - guitars (as Vogg)  
2012 Ketha - accordion  
2012 The Sixpounder - guitars (as Vogg)  
2015 Sothoth - guitars (as Vogg)  
2017 Whalesong - accordion (as Vogg)  
2019 Merrow - guitars (as Vogg)  
2019-2020 Whalesong - accordion (as Vogg)  
2022 Bleed From Within - guitars (as Vogg)  
2022 Deadsquad - guitars (as Vogg)  

Personal information

Also known as: Vogg
Born on: 17.12.1981

Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka, born 17 December 1981, is a Polish musician and composer. He is a Graduate of musical school in the first and second degree, alongside having attended the Academy of Music in Krakow as an accordionist. Professionally, Wacław is the Guitarist in two of the most distinguished death metal groups from Poland Decapitated and, since 2008, Vader. He has been a member of Lux Occulta since 1998, as well as the Krakow group Sceptic and the Polish singer-songwriter Renata Przemyk. After the hiatus that took effect after the death of Decapitated's drummer Vitek in 2007, the band dissolved. Vogg is currently attempting to rebuild Decapitated.