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Marco Minnemann


1992-1997 Freaky Fukin' Weirdoz - drums  
1995-1996 Wolfgang Schmid's Kick - drums  
1996- Marco Minnemann - all instruments  
1997-1999 H-Blockx - drums  
2008-2009 Ephel Duath - drums  
2011- The Aristocrats - drums  
2011-2014 Ephel Duath - drums  
2012- The Pitts/Minnemann Project - drums  
2013- Levin Minnemann Rudess - drums, guitars  
2013- Waken Eyes - drums  
2015- Vindictiv - drums  
2015- The Mute Gods - drums, percussion, guitars  
2018- The Sea Within - drums, backing vocals  
2019- McStine & Minnemann - drums, percussion, guitars, keyboards, fx, vocals  
2020-2022 Witherfall - drums  

Studio musician

2002 Wolfgang Schmid's Special Kick - drums  
2002 Paul Gilbert - drums  
2003-2004 Paddy Kelly - drums  
2005 Paul Gilbert - drums  
2007 Illogicist - drums  
2009 Theodore Ziras - drums  
2010 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - drums  
2011 Tony MacAlpine - drums  
2012- Steven Wilson - drums  
2012-2013 Nathan Frost - drums  
2014 Nick Johnston - drums  
2015- Joe Satriani - drums  
2015 Amadeus Awad - drums  
2015 Plini - drums  
2018- Ilusen's Fallacy - drums  
2018 Mari Hamada - drums  

Live musician

2007 Necrophagist - drums  
2009 Kreator - drums  
2010 Adrian Belew Power Trio - drums  
2010 Rudess/Minnemann - drums  
2011- Steven Wilson - drums  
2013- Joe Satriani - drums  

Guest musician

2003 Xandria - percussion  
2012 Sylencer - drums  
2019 Jordan Rudess - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 24.12.1970

Official website

Marco Minnemann (born December 24, 1970) is a German-born drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He lives in San Diego, California.


He has many solo CDs on which he plays most of the instruments and sings, and he's constantly working as a composer and session recording artist.

His work as an educational book author along with Rick Gratton brought out 3 books including the award winning and in many magazines as #1 voted "Extreme Independence". Also one of his DVDs "Extreme Drumming" won polls and achieved Marco a Telly Award.

He did a trio tour with Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman and on numerous clinic tours around the world. His educational book "Maximum Minnemann" is available since August 2006 and his new DVD "The Marco Show" with featured Artists Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller and the Buddy Rich Big Band came out in 2007.

His instructional DVD Extreme Drumming was published in 2003 by Warner Brothers. In October 2007, he was announced as a member of new band UKZ with Eddie Jobson (ex-Zappa), Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson) and Alex Machacek (virtuoso guitar player). Marco toured with death metalists Necrophagist on the Summer Slaughter tour 2007 which is featured on their live DVD released in 2008.

He's part of the Progressive Rock power trio "KMB" (Keneally/Minnemann/Beller), which performs music from all three member's solo albums as well as original material and improvised "jams". Minnemann has performed several times as the drummer in "The Mike Keneally Band" along with KMB-mates Mike Keneally & Bryan Beller as well as recording drums for the song "Love Terror Adrenaline/Break Through" on Beller's sophomore solo release "Thanks In Advance". He recently recorded for Italian band Ephel Duath and is featured in their newest album, titled Through My Dog's Eyes.

He was on a world tour with thrash metal band Kreator in 2009.

Minnemann performed three concerts in Poland in November 2009 as part of Eddie Jobson's Ultimate Zero (UZ) project. The line-up also featured John Wetton, Greg Howe (guitar) and Tony Levin (stick). They performed music from UK and King Crimson. It was the first time in 30 years Eddie Jobson and John Wetton played together after UK disbanded.

Marco was on Tour with Adrian Belew Power Trio in 2010.

Marco auditioned to be Dream Theater's new drummer in 2010. The band was highly impressed with his audition and the decision ultimately came down to him and Mike Mangini. Though Mangini ended up getting the spot, Minnemann wishes to continue his musical relationship with the members of Dream Theater, after having played live shows with Jordan Rudess in 2010.


Ultimate Play Along Drum Trax.
Extreme Interdependence: Drumming Beyond Independence (With Audio CD) - Nov 2001
Maximum Minnemann 2006


Marco Minnemann: Live in L.A. - June 2001
Extreme Drumming 2003
The Marco Show 2006