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1994-  Vintersorg - all instruments, programming, vocals
1999-  Mattias "Matte" Marklund - guitars
2015-  Simon Lundström - bass
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1998-2003  Nils Johansson - keyboards
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1998  Andreas Frank - guitars
1998-2000  Vargher - keyboards, drum programming
1998-2000  Cia Hedmark - vocals
2002-2006  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
2002-2006  Asgeir Mickelson - drums
2000-2004  Benny Hägglund - drums
2001-2002  Andreas Stenlund - guitars
2003-2004  Tyr - bass
2004  Johan Lindgren - bass
1998  Nils Johansson - keyboards
› 2002  -//- hammond organ
1998  Andreas Frank - guitars
2002  Lazare - hammond organ
› 2004  -//- narration, hammond
2017  David Nilsson - additional vocals

Latest reviews

That Vintersorg continues to excel in song writing on Naturbål will come as no surprise to fans. If you enjoy melodic metal in any shape or form, what you'll find here is the latest release from what used to be one of folk metal's most progressive and boundary defying endeavours, and is now master of melody.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Vintersorg (the band) is the brainchild of prodigy Andreas Hedlund (a.k.a Vintersorg) and long-time associate Mattias Marklund. Together they have been producing quality folk metal releases with diverse flavors of Black Metal since 1998. Many fans rightfully...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Andreas Hedlund has found his way back home with the release of Vintersorg' sixth full-length album entitled Solens Rötter (Origins of the Sun). After three years spent in different musical projects, namely Borknagar, Cronian and Waterclime,...
Review by Dream Taster ››
It's quite funny that something you always said you don't like turns up to be very good.
It happen all of us and it's going to go on happen to.
The latest additional in my case is Vintersorg, the Swedish band that mix Black Metal with Heavy...
Review by Malcolm ››

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