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2010-  Jim Matheos - guitars
2010-  John Arch - vocals
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2010-2013  Joey Vera - bass
2010-2013  Frank Aresti - guitars
2010-2013  Robert "Bobby" Jarzombek - drums
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2019  Matt Lynch - drums
2019  Sean Malone - bass
2019  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
2019  Baard Kolstad - drums
2019  Frank Aresti - guitars
2019  Robert "Bobby" Jarzombek - drums
2019  Joey Vera - bass
2019  Mark Zonder - drums
2019  Joseph "Joe" DiBiase - bass
2019  Thomas Lang - drums

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Another tough one. When you have seasoned veterans such as these two fellas from Fates Warning fame (not to mention a crack team of session musicians), you come to expect some kind of solid direction. Although this album does deliver it's fair share of brain melting riffs, it's something that also has a large tendency to fall into pointless, jumbled meandering - a problem more associated with younger prog acts who have not fully grasped the concept of a little tasteful subtlety.
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