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Mark Zonder


NA- Cans - drums  
NA- Redemption - drums  
1980- Warlord - drums  
1988-2005 Fates Warning - drums  
2003-2004 Cans - drums  
2009-2011 Ten - drums  
2015- Forces United - drums  
2015-2017 Graham Bonnet Band - drums  
2018- Spirits Of Fire - drums  
2021- Graham Bonnet Band - drums  

Studio musician

2019 Witnesses - drums  

Live musician

2010 Fates Warning - drums  

Guest musician

2003 Redemption - drums  
2011-2012 League Of Lights - drums  
2012 Shattered Destiny - drums  
2015 Dragonsclaw - drums  
2019 Arch/Matheos - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Thunder Child
Born on: 16.04.1958
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Mark Zonder is the drummer of American heavy-metal band Warlord. When the band was in a hiatus, he joined Fates Warning. His artistic name in Warlord is "Thunder Child". He also has his own band Slavior.

He also plays drums on Joacim Cans' solo-project album "Beyond The Gates", and with Kevin Moore's band Chroma Key.

At the moment, he is working with Gary Hughes and the rest of the band Ten on their new studio album named Stormwarning, which was released in early 2011.