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Angela Gossow


1991-1998 Asmodina - vocals  
1997-2000 Mistress [GER] - vocals  
2000-2014 Arch Enemy - vocals  

Guest musician

2007 Astarte - vocals  
2007 Annihilator - vocals  
2007-2008 Amaseffer - vocals  
2008 Doro - vocals  
2008 Kalisia - vocals  
2020 Amaranthe - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 05.11.1974
Official website

Angela Nathalie Gossow (A.K.A Saint Gossow) (born November 5, 1974) is a death metal vocalist from Cologne, Germany. She currently fronts Swedish band Arch Enemy. Her previous bands include Asmodina and Mistress. She is one of the few female metal singers to use death grunts as her primary singing style. Her main influences are Jeff Walker, David Vincent, Chuck Billy, John Tardy, and Chuck Schuldiner.

Gossow joined Arch Enemy in 2001, after former lead singer Johan Liiva was removed from the band. She had previously interviewed guitarist Michael Amott for a German Webzine. While interviewing Amott, Gossow had given him a demo and what she describes as a "poor quality" video of a performance at a club. When it came time to release Liiva, Arch Enemy called her in for an audition. Amott reports that "she wiped the floor with the other contenders".

She describes herself as "Kind of self-confident, but question myself and the world every day. Hard to please. Self-disciplined, open minded, aggressive, good listener. Creative. Restless. Too intelligent to be happy."

Despite the traditional bloody image of performers engaged in metal activities, Angela Gossow is, in fact, a vegetarian. She prefers her food "healthy and fresh". On her Myspace page she says: "Food. I love food. I am a vegetarian, borderline vegan (I am allergic to most milk products)."

Gossow has received vocal coaching from Melissa Cross, and mentions (on the Live Apocalypse DVD) that a good breathing technique was one of the most important things she learned. She also never speaks when sick, and doesn't drink or smoke until the end of tours. She also asks that fans not smoke in the concert hall.

In an interview on the Arch Enemy DVD Live Apocalypse, she states her favourite singer as being Rob Halford ("There's no second Rob Halford out there").

She appears in the 2005 documentary Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, with one interview as part of the "Sex & Gender" category of the main feature, and an extended interview alongside Michael Amott (only 2-disc edition DVD).
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