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Charles "Chuck" Billy


1986- Testament - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2006- Dublin Death Patrol - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2008 Various Artists - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  

Live musician

2004 Exodus - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2019 Torture Squad - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  

Guest musician

1989 Mordred - backing vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
1996-1998 James Murphy - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2006 Sadus - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2008 Light This City - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2009 Susperia - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2010 Forbidden - backing vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2014 The Haunted - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2014 Exodus - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2015 Metal Allegiance - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2018 Doro - additional vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2019 Killswitch Engage - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2019 Walls Of Blood - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2020 Posehn - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2020 Lamb Of God - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  
2022 Shadow Of Intent - vocals (as Chuck Billy)  

Personal information

Born on: 23.06.1962


Chuck Billy (born June 23, 1962), is a U.S. vocalist, who is best known as the vocalist for the thrash metal band Testament.

Chuck Billy replaced Steve "Zetro" Souza, future Exodus vocalist, in the mid-1980s when the band was still called Legacy. Following his arrival, Testament released their first album entitled The Legacy in 1987. The only song written by Chuck Billy on The Legacy was "Do or Die". Although the lineup of the band has changed over the years, Billy has remained constant as the vocalist alongside guitarist Eric Peterson who also was an all time permanent member. However, his vocal style has changed over the years from a clear thrash style to a death grunt. Since the Low album, he has mixed both styles and sometimes performs both on the same song.

Chuck has also appeared on the solo projects of James Murphy, playing on both albums as a guest musician. He also has sung lead vocals for Exodus at at least one concert recently (October 28, 2004 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, opening for Megadeth).

In 2001, Chuck Billy was diagnosed with germ cell seminoma; a rare kind of cancer in his case because it is usually in the testicular region of a man's body, but he has it in the chest region near his heart. However, following chemotherapy, he has since been given a clean bill of health and continued his work with Testament. In August of 2001, friends organized the Thrash of the Titans benefit concert, held to raise money for Chuck's medical expenses.

In 2006 Chuck Billy provided vocals on the Sadus song "Crazy" and, along with several other musicians from other bands, did a cover of Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark" for their Numbers from the Beast tribute album. On Light This City's 2008 release, Stormchaser, Chuck Billy provides vocals on the song "Firehaven."

Chuck Billy also joined with musicians including Steve Souza, Greg Bustamante, Steve Robello, Chuck's brothers Eddie and Andy Billy, Dan Cunningham & Willy Lange to form the band Dublin Death Patrol.

In 2008 Chuck Billy did the vocals for Silent Night on the album of Christmas carols We Wish You a Metal Christmas and Headbanging New Year with the likes of Scott Ian, Jon Donais, Chris Wyse and John Tempesta.

In 2009 Chuck Billy appears on the song Live My Dream from the band Susperia's album Attitude.

For the live presentation of the album Ziltoid the Omniscient by Devin Townsend, he provided the voice of the Planet Smasher on the track of the same name. This happened at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2010 in Helsinki.

Chuck Billy is of the Pomo Native Americans, an indigenous people of Northern California. He is proud of his American Indian heritage, sometimes giving a shoutout to his "Indian brothers and sisters" in the audience. The song "Trail of Tears" is a tribute to his heritage and "Allegiance" is also about it.

His younger brother Eddie, was the original bassist for Vio-Lence.

Chuck is married and he has children.