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The Haunted


1996-  Jonas Björler - bass
1996-  Patrik Niels Jensen - guitars
1996-1999  Adrian Erlandsson - drums
› 2013-  -//-
1999-2003  Marco Aro - vocals
› 2013-  -//-
2013-  Ola Englund - guitars
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1996  John Zwetsloot - guitars
1996-2012  Anders Björler - guitars
1997  Ole Christian Öhman - drums
1997-1998  Peter Dolving - vocals
› 2003-2012  -//-
1999-2012  Per Møller-Jensen - drums
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2001  Mike Wead - guitars
2001-2002  Marcus Sunesson - guitars
2019  Victor Brandt - bass
2003  Michael Amott - guitars
2014  Chuck Billy - vocals

Latest reviews

Jesus, does anyone remember how bad The Unseen was? Good God, we all knew The Haunted weren't what they used to be, but that just got out of hand. Now it's time for The Haunted to make amends for dropping that Rise Against-tribute-turd on us. Let's just say this about Exit Wounds: Apology accepted.
Review by Doc G. ››
These Swedes aren't unknown to most metal fans - hell, they've been around for about 15 years now. 15 years of relative stability in terms of their line-up too. Not only are they a stable veteran band, but they also helped further develop the...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
It's a trend to produce DVD in Poland nowadays. If the first reason comes from the low cost of the production, one of the others reasons is that the producers and directors of the country are really good. We had the proof of this quality with the...
Review by Jeff ››
As you all can hear, the return of Peter Dolving as the chief microphone tormentor for The Haunted is not ineffective? He screams like a hardcore singer, and the rest of the band trails on this path. Yes people, The Haunted are, on this new album, sometimes...
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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