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Adrian Erlandsson


NA Samsas Traum - drums  
1981-1986 Berits Polisonger - drums  
1987-1990 Penance [SWE] - drums  
1990- At The Gates - drums  
1993-1995 Heal - drums  
1994 Terror - drums  
1994-1997 Skitsystem - drums  
1995-1996 Decameron - drums  
1996-1997 Hyperhug - drums  
1996-1999 The Haunted - drums  
1998 Nifelheim - drums  
1998-1999 APE - drums  
1999-2006 Cradle Of Filth - drums  
2006- Nemhain - drums  
2006-2007 Needleye - drums  
2006-2014 Brujeria - drums (as El Podrido)  
2007 Tenet - drums  
2007-2010 Netherbird - drums  
2009-2016 Paradise Lost - drums  
2010-2017 Vallenfyre - drums  
2013- The Haunted - drums  
2016- The Lurking Fear - drums  

Studio musician

2008-2009 Code - drums  
2011- Martyr Lucifer - drums  
2019 Kaoteon - drums  

Live musician

2008 Deathstars - drums  

Guest musician

2012 Edge Of Serenity - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 27.10.1970
Official website

Adrian Erlandsson (born October 27, 1970 in Malmö, Sweden)is a prolific Swedish heavy metal drummer, who currently plays in Brujeria, with his wife in Nemhain, and in the German Dark Metal band Samsas Traum. He has also been a member of At the Gates, The Haunted, Cradle of Filth and Needleye.

He was born in Malmö, Sweden on October 27, 1970. Adrien's Younger brother is Daniel Erlandsson, the drummer of Arch Enemy. They both grew up together in Sweden and started playing drums at a very young age, he got his brother into drumming as Daniel admists "If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be playing today." He began drumming at the age of eleven when he got his first drum kit, and with friends began playing covers of classic rock songs. They also started playing with their music teacher at school, and eventually began to write their own songs and formed a band.

Erlandsson went on to found Penance, a thrash metal band, which never recorded a demo, although they did record some rehearsal tracks. He then went to University in Gothenburg, where, in 1989, he joined the Swedish death metal band At the Gates. He was the band's drummer until they broke up, and received much critical and fan praise for his speed and precision. Erlandsson, along with bandmates Anders and Jonas Björler, later formed The Haunted with Mary Beats Jane vocalist Peter Dolving. Erlandsson also played in Skitsystem. In 1999, Erlandsson left the band to join Cradle of Filth. It was originally intended that he only record one session with the band; by the time he left the group, however, he had appeared on six of their albums.

In September 2006 Erlandsson played for Brujeria in some concerts in Spain, using the nickname "El Podrido". Erlandsson played with Brujeria while with Needleye, but Needleye disbanded a few months after his arrival to the band in January 2007. After leaving Needleye, he soon became the new drummer for Jed Simon's project Tenet.In 2007 he played drums at the new Samsas Traum album "Heiliges Herz- das Schwert deiner Sonne" ("Holy heart - The sword of your sun") and he is also going to solve some gigs on their upcoming tour. At the moment it is not sure wheather he is only a guest at Samsas Traum, or if he is going to be a real part of the band.

Erlandsson's approach is to focus on the "feeling" rather than technique, however he does incorporate a lot of kickdrumming, occasional blastbeats and sometimes his very own technical odd time signatures.