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1993-  Pepe - guitars
2009-  Mike Park Nielsen - drums
2011-  Jimmy Nedergaard - bass
2016-  Kasper Kirkegaard - guitars
2022-  Mathias Uldall - vocals
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1993-1996  Claus Nielsen - vocals
1993-1999  Frantz Dihn - guitar, bass
1993-2000  Jesper Moesgaard - drums
1995-2000  Jan Moesgaard - guitars
1997-2007  Dr. J - vocals
1999-2007  Mikael Ehlert Hansen - bass
2000-2002  Niels Peter "Ziggy" Siegfredsen - guitars
2000-2003  Morten Toft Hansen - drums
2002-2007  Henrik "Heinz" Jacobsen - guitars
2003-2007  Andy Gold - drums
2007-2009  Dennis Buhl - drums
2007-2010  Jonathan Albrechtsen - vocals
2007-2010  Mixen Lindberg - bass
2007-2016  Jakob Nyholm - guitars
2010-2020  Esben Elnegaard Kjær Hansen - vocals
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2005  Morten Løwe Sørensen - drums
2010  Mikael Ehlert Hansen - bass
2010  Morten "Kruger" Madsen - vocals
2015-2016  Kasper Kirkegaard - guitars
2020-2022  Michael Olsson - vocals
2004  Jacob Hansen - backing vocals
2005  Steve Smyth - guitars
2013  Ryan Knight - guitars
2013  Trevor Scott Strnad - vocals

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If you don't know them yet, SPV is a big label, a really big one? If you don't trust me, just have a look on the set-list/line-up of their last compilation and you'll understand that these Germans don't joke when it comes to talk about...
Review by Jeff ››
Years after years, albums after albums, the Danish combo Hatesphere is still alive and still able to release great pieces of music. After the great "The Sickness Within" released in 2005, Jacob Moeasgard and his band mates are back this year...
Review by Jeff ››
If you don't know Hatesphere yet, you must know that you're just in front of a real hurricane. Live or on CD this band that comes from Denmark is well known to destroy everything on its way. Their last EP "The Killing EP" was already...
Review by Jeff ››
Coming from Denmark, Hatesphere is one of the leaders of the Metal scene of this country. Since 1993 now, the combo plays its really aggressive Thrash metal mixed by the influences of Swedish Gothenburg Death, and we have the luck today, to listen to...
Review by Jeff ››

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