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Richard Andersson


1997-2001 Majestic - keyboards  
2000-2001 Silver Seraph - keyboards  
2000-2003 Adagio - keyboards  
2001- Time Requiem - keyboards  
2003- Space Odyssey - keyboards, hammond, backing vocals  
2009- Devil's Heaven - keyboards  

Guest musician

2003-2006 Evil Masquerade - keyboards  
2004 Celesty - keyboards  
2004 Iron Mask - keyboards  
2006 Angtoria - keyboards  
2008 Voodoo Circle - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 28.03.1972

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Richard Andersson was born in Ystad, Sweden, March 28, 1972. As a child he seemed to enjoy classical music such as Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart etc. He tried to learn music the traditional way, but lost interest due to the strict and non-improvisational aspect of the lessons. At the age of 7 Richard already was capable to play some advance classical stuff just by listen to the music. Organ and Keyboard became Richards's biggest interest. Improvisation was his trademark.

When he was 15 years old, he created his own special style with influences from masters such as Jens Johansson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendrix. Solo playing was the one and only way for him to express his feelings in a satisfying way. Early in his career he liked to compose his own music. A bunch of demos with songs played by a keyboard player with fire in his fingers are probably a prove that Richard is one of the most interesting keyboard players in the world right now.

1998 Richard created the band MAJESTIC. This neoclassical, progressive metal band has surprised the music scene like no other band in this genre. With brilliant arrangements and melodies based upon almost spectacular musicianship, MAJESTIC was there to stay. MAJESTIC has released two albums (Abstract Symphony, 1999) and (Trinity Overture, 2000), both at Toshiba/EMI (Japan) and Massacre, NTS (Europe). The band also went to Japan to meet the Japanese audience. MAJESTIC has toured with bands like Pretty Maids and Symphony X. Richard did also spend a couple of weeks with Yngwie Malmsteen in Miami. Due to the fact that Richard was busy with MAJESTIC he had to turn Yngwie down according to the job in Rising Force. But maybe in the future!

Returning from European tour 2000 Richard decided to put Majestic on ice and locked himself away and started to write on something he had in mind for a while. A bigger, more progressive and more Symphony X and Dream Theatre sort of album. It´s a sort of continuation of Majestic, even though it´s a brand new thing.

The new band was named Time Requiem. Time Requiem has recorded three records: "Time Requiem" (2003), "The Inner Circle of Reality" (2004) and live record "Unleashed in Japan" (2003) recorded during Japan tour 2003.

Besides Time Requiem Richard has his solo project Space Odyssey together with old friend Magnus Nilsson. Space Odyssey entered the metal scene with debut album "Embrace the Galaxy" (2003). A second record is on working stage.