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Also known as Torn Between Two Worlds (2020-pres)

Country: United Kingdom

Links: Official site

Formed in: 2004
Disbanded in: 2011

2004-2011 Symphonic metal


2004-2011  Sarah Jezebel Deva - vocals
2004-2011  Chris Rehn - guitars, keyboards, bass, programming
2004-2011  Tommy Rehn - guitars, keyboards, programming
2006-2011  John Henriksson - drums
2006-2011  Dave Pybus - bass
2006  Richard Andersson - keyboards
2006  Kevin Rehn Eires - piano
2006  Martin Häggström - vocals
2006  Aaron Stainthorpe - vocals
2006  Andreas Brobjer - drums
2006  Tony Könberg - choirvocals

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"A candidate for Best of 2006"

I am amazed by the amount of imagery this music conjures up. Rarely do I hear an album that is so visual and engaging. When I hear the music I see vivid colors; when the vocals start the powerful lyrics fill in...   Review by Susan ››

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