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Also known as Torn Between Two Worlds (2020-pres)

Country: United Kingdom

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Formed in: 2004
Disbanded in: 2011

2004-2011Symphonic metal


2004-2011  Sarah Jezebel Deva - vocals
2004-2011  Chris Rehn - guitars, keyboards, bass, programming
2004-2011  Tommy Rehn - guitars, keyboards, programming
2006-2011  John Henriksson - drums
2006-2011  Dave Pybus - bass
2006  Richard Andersson - keyboards
2006  Kevin Rehn Eires - piano
2006  Martin Häggström - vocals
2006  Aaron Stainthorpe - vocals
2006  Andreas Brobjer - drums
2006  Tony Könberg - choirvocals

Latest reviews

"A candidate for Best of 2006"

I am amazed by the amount of imagery this music conjures up. Rarely do I hear an album that is so visual and engaging. When I hear the music I see vivid colors; when the vocals start the powerful lyrics fill in...
Review by Susan ››
Angtoria is the new project of the well know female singer Sarah Jezebel Deva and the Rehn brothers, Chris and Tommy. The music of Angtoria you already understood it, uses the excellent talents of vocalist of Sarah but also the great talent of composition...
Review by Jeff ››

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