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After Forever

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Also known as Apocalypse (1995-1997)

Country: The Netherlands

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Formed in: 1995
Disbanded in: 2009

1995-2003Symphonic gothic metal
2003-2009Symphonic progressive metal


1995-2009  Sander Gommans - guitars, vocals
1995-2009  Luuk van Gerven - bass
1997-2009  Floor Jansen - vocals
2001-2009  André Borgman - drums
2002-2009  Bas Maas - guitars, vocals
2004-2009  Joost Van Den Broek - keyboards
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1995-2000  Jack Driessen - keyboards
1995-2000  Joep Beckers - drums
1995-2002  Mark Jansen - vocals, guitars
2000-2004  Lando van Gil - keyboards
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2007  Amanda Somerville-Scharf - backing vocals
2007  Previn Moore - backing vocals
2007  Rannveig Sif Sigurdardottir - backing vocals
2005  Koen Herfst - drums
2007  George Oosthoek - vocals
2000  Yvonne Booda - alto vocals
2000  Hans Cassa - bass vocals
2000  Caspar de Jonge - tenor vocals
2000  Melissa 't Hart - soprano vocals
2000  Sharon den Adel - vocals
2001  Jack Pisters - guitars
2002  Damian Wilson - vocals
2002  Arjen Anthony Lucassen - guitars, keyboards
2006  Marko Hietala - vocals
2007  Doro Pesch - vocals
2007  Jeff Waters - guitars

Latest reviews

After Forever calls this album their "past, present, and future" and they're not kidding. You'll find classical symphonic elements like on their debut, bombastic Decipher-era rhythms, straight up metal Invisible Circles-style, and...
Review by Susan ››
With Mark Jansen gone forming another band, namely Epica, the future of After Forever without its main composer was uncertain until the release of the Exordium EP, through which all doubts vanished from my mind concerning the band's ability to write...
Review by Dream Taster ››
The departure of Mark Jansen, the main songwriter at the time of "Decipher", has, in a way, quite seriously changed the sound of After Forever. The changes haven't been bad but I must admit that "Invisible Circles" does not catch...
Review by Ivor ››

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