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1996-2022  Einar Moen - keyboards
1996-2022  Anders Høyvik Hidle - guitars, vocals
2007-2022  Mariangela Demurtas Amorim - vocals
2009-2022  Ole Vistnes - bass
2009-2022  Gyri Smørdal Losnegård - guitars
2010-2022  Kjetil Nordhus - vocals
2010-2022  Tarald Lie Jr. - drums
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1996-2001  Morten Veland - vocals, guitars
1996-2007  Vibeke Stene - vocals
1996-2009  Rune Østerhus - bass
1996-2010  Østen Bergøy - vocals
1996-2010  Kenneth Olsson - drums
2001-2006  Kjetil Ingebrethsen - vocals
2005-2008  Svein Terje Solvang - guitars
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1997-2001  Per Oscar Johansen - violin
› 2010  -//-
2005  Hans Josef Groh - cello
2005  Jonathan Alejandro Perez - drums
2005-2008  Kjell Rune Hagen - bass
2006-2010  Tarald Lie Jr. - drums
2008-2009  Ole Vistnes - bass
2009  Gyri Smørdal Losnegård - guitars
2009-2010  Kjetil Nordhus - vocals
2010  Per Oscar Johansen - violin
2010  Silje Wergeland - vocals
1999-2001  Jan Kenneth Barkved - vocals
2001  Ronny Thorsen - vocals
2007  Michael Locher - vocals


Latest reviews

Dear Divided Fanbase of Tristania,

If you found the last album, Rubicon, to be too scattered, or were turned off by the jagged edges and right turns, it's ok: you can come home now. Darkest White is streamlined, focused, and solid as hell. If (like me) you found Rubicon to be quite a masterpiece, then you'll still find the band's haunting essence very present here? and ready to carry you away in gothic bliss like never before.
Review by Susan ››
Tristania is for one more time in the controversial eye of the cyclone. The first time was when Morten Veland ceased to be a member of the band. The second was when the charismatic and adored by the fans of the band (and of gothic metal as well), Vibeke...
Review by KwonVerge ››
Norway's leading Gothic Metal band nowadays has to be Tristania, since Theatre of Tragedy went electronic and lost their singer and Sirenia haven't risen as high yet, only Tristania keeps the music really alive.
And now when they are about to...
Review by Malcolm ››

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