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Morten Veland


1996-2001 Tristania - vocals, guitars  
2001- Sirenia - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming  
2009- Mortemia - vocals, all instruments  

Personal information

Born on: 04.12.1977

Morten Veland (born December 4, 1977) was one of the founding members of the Norwegian gothic metal band Tristania.

Whilst in Tristania, he was the main lyricist, songwriter and guitarist as well as being responsible for the growling vocals, until he left Tristania after the first two full length albums due to social and musical differences.

After that he formed his own band Sirenia, composing the same genre of music, in which he contributes nearly all of the instruments as well as the growling vocals. The rest of the band are mostly used on live performances only.