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Tristania - Ashes review

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Band: Tristania
Album: Ashes
Release date: January 2005

01. Libre
02. Equilibrium
03. The Wretched
04. Cure
05. Circus
06. Shadowman
07. The Gate [ltd. ed. digipak bonus]
08. Endogenisis
09. Bird

Norway's leading Gothic Metal band nowadays has to be Tristania, since Theatre of Tragedy went electronic and lost their singer and Sirenia haven't risen as high yet, only Tristania keeps the music really alive.
And now when they are about to release their fourth album, the expectations are sky-high all around the globe, because after such unexpected success "World of Glass" became, everyone want yet another album in that class. And "Ashes" it meant to be that album, but is it? Read below and judge for yourself.

It's been 4 years since "World of Glass" was released, the album that was the first without the famous guitarist and brain Morten Veland.
Many foresaw the end of the young and talented band, but they showed everyone that they could manage without Morten.

But after such loss, it's easy to divine the fans into two groups, the one that stays with the first band and the one that moves on with the new (and of course those that likes both). Personally I was never into Tristania but Sirenia really caught my interest, and to be perfectly honest with you, I've never really liked "World of Glass" either. It's a decent album but Sirenia's debut was so much better.

But this review is about Tristania's "Ashes" and already in the first song I could hear that this would appeal me much more than the last album.
First of all, this album feels slower, the songs never gets any faster than mid-paced, and Vibeke's howling voice (She doesn't sing as operatic now) grant the album a atmospheric feeling that I think "World of Glass" didn't have.

Second of all I think "Ashes" is more worked-through, all the arrangements is better, the production too and the music flows together with all the three singers in a much better way.
And it's much more Gothic than earlier, at least mentally, you'll get this feeling of grief and sorrow.

One thing I like above all is the clean male-vocals; I think it's done by Mr. Östen Bergöy, it's simply one of the best elements this band has. But too be honest isn't his voice that superior, but together with everything else, it's so beautiful. And with Vibeke's atmospheric voice and Kjetil's growls (I guess he's doing those) it's priceless.

Unfortunately I never heard their earlier albums, but I heard that "Beyond the Veil" is supposed to be their best album, and if that's true, it has to be one hell on an album, because "Ashes" is not only good, it's beautiful, it's sad and it's tearing you apart.

But if we shall bring forward the "bad" parts too, I have to complain about the songs in general; they are a bit too alike. The variation could have been better.
And the cover is bad, it's very, very boring and it will not win any prizes, that I promise you.
And it could also be a bit longer too, the album (without 2 songs) is 42 min, and that feels short when you listen to this kind of music.
Plus that the songs are still very complex, it can take much time to really get into some of them.

But in general I have to admit that "Ashes" has changed my view of Tristania, and I'm prepared to "crown" them "Master of Norwegian Gothic", at least until another band show me that they can better.
I recommend you, fan of Gothic with female and both clean and growl male vocals to run to your local CD-store on the 24th of January. Make it the first thing you do when you get out of bed, because that day, you might find Tristania's "Ashes" there.

Check Out: The entire album.

Written by Malcolm | 17.01.2005


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16.04.2007 - 19:49
Account deleted
Though the change in genre their music is still wonderful....Ashes gave the taste of heavy metal and fast guitars and stuff like tht....

-Libre isnt tht good when u hear it for the first time but it has a cool Vibeke verse
-Equilibrium combines the male and female voices and has a great intro....a pretty good 1
-The Wretched may not be good also but listening to it constantly has an influence....which made this song not tht good is the voice(a group singing gothic together) but the riff has a great effect....and the outro is the best in this song
-Those who love calm songs Cure could be great...Vibeke's lovely voice and the acoustic steel guitar together.
-Circus: only focus on the guitar...its the best
-The Shadowman is good 2 and gets better everytime u listen to has this acoustic piano riff which makes it worth it
-ive written descriptions for these songs only to reach this one....ENDOGENISIS!!!!! this deserves a real WWWWOOOOWWWW!!! this folks is a masterpiece if u want to listen to this album listen to this first or ill kill u!!!its a great combination of everything....ignore the first part of gothic singing and enjoy
-Gate: the piano is good and gets better in the middle...Vibeke is a goddess!!!
great guitar effects
-Bird: a good clean guitar voice and electric guitar effect...rhythm...and the keyboard in the middle has a lovely voice

First listeners use these tips......
18.04.2007 - 06:21
Bitch Boy

This album makes me feel different stuff depending on my mood I sometimes think this album is just great but sometimes I think that Tristania lost its great dark atmosphere from the previous releases and I don't like this one. I have to say that, without considering the earlier albums, I think this one is ok.
25.08.2008 - 00:14
Rating: 9
Metal Symphony

this one is good.....but its not tristania.....
What is the meaning of this conspiracy,
The conspiracy that God has offered me,
Clinging me to the hands of insanity,
Concealing me in a lifetime fond of misery.
30.12.2008 - 01:55
Rating: 10

Written by Metal Symphony on 25.08.2008 at 00:14

this one is good.....but its not tristania.....

Bullshit. It's Tristania at their most original and unique. The harmony in this album is magnificent, especially the vocals
22.03.2010 - 05:49
Rating: 10

One of the best and most underrated albuns ever. This is an amazing album!
Beware the Shadows of Dusk

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