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From: Finland
Working on: RETIRED: Moderator, band profiles
Likes: good books, white wine, hairy pets
Hates: stupidity in generally
Musical taste: Anything melodic like power, gothenburg, folk etc.
Latest discovery: Fjoergyn - Jahreszeiten
Publications: Articles (2)  Reviews (1)  Interviews (3)  Galleries (1)
Languages: finnish, english, swedish and spanish..although i suck at all of em
Personal text: Trying to balance between family life with house full of kids, dogs, cats (well actually two of each) and horses, career and freetime so at a times I'm more inactive than active but sooner or later I always have returned, and I always will
Member since: 14.11.2003 | Last seen online: 3547d ago


From: Kuwait
Working on: RETIRED: Edit and review of band profiles
Likes: Fiction books, hanging out with friends, and listening to metal
Musical taste: Pretty much all metal genres
Latest discovery: Griftegård - Solemn, Sacred, Severe
Publications: Interviews (1)  
Languages: English, Arabic
Member since: 04.04.2005 | Last seen online: 4087d ago


From: South Frogland, France
Working on: Band edits, other things
Likes: Being awesome, life, music, cooking, wine, books, basketball, video games, movies, bullying weaker people.
Hates: Tomatoes. Clichés, generalizations, judgemental people, people who act like someone they're not in order to fit in, starting to get bald.
Musical taste: I like MUSIC. Mainly metal (especially extreme and alternative), hip hop and alt rock, but also electronica, ambient, games and movies OSTs, old stuff (jazz, blues, swing, country...), classical music
Latest discovery: Dirge - Elysian Magnetic Fields
Publications: Articles (26)  Reviews (176)  Interviews (16)  Galleries (5)
Languages: French, English, Italian, broken Spanish
Personal text: I want to hug you all.
Member since: 04.09.2002 | Last seen online: 9h ago


From: Tallinn, Estonia
Working on: RETIRED: album, concert reviews and more
Musical taste: a bit of everything
Publications: Articles (19)  Reviews (31)  Interviews (1)  Galleries (1)
Languages: estonian, english, german, finnish, russian
Personal text: Registered as our 30th user in 2002 - comes and goes - still contributes if he has the time.
Member since: 30.11.2002 | Last seen online: 261d ago

Dream Taster

From: Montreal, QC, Canada
Working on: Originally admin, nowadays just the occasional review
Likes: Reading crime novels, solving problems
Hates: War & Hate
Musical taste: Prog, Death, Black, Folk
Latest discovery: Obscura
Album picks: Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder
  Orphaned Land - The Road To Or-Shalem
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Publications: Reviews (282)  Interviews (23)  
Languages: English, French
Member since: 11.09.2002 | Last seen online: 5h ago


From: Bellingham, USA
Working on: Retired
Likes: Beer, Ultra running, fastpacking....Trollfest.
Hates: People who lack common sense
Musical taste: Melodic, folk, power, extreme....
Latest discovery: Whispered, Windrider, XIV Dark Centuries
Album picks: Trollfest - Villanden
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Publications: Reviews (4)  
Languages: English
Personal text: Life must be as fast paced as the music I listen to so I keep busy with work, and ultra running/backpacking. I consider myself a very well rounded music junkie that started his metal career listening to Helloween back in the late 80's progressing through all of the power metal bands that followed. Until one day I found Gothenburg death metal, and from there I dug myself into the dark dirty ground until I found myself wallowing in the quagmire of the Doom genre, only to be ripped out of my dreamy despair by the screams and growls of various other extreme metal genre's. Nowadays I fancy Viking Folk metal, and the well played out Pagan Metal scene... as long as I like it all others can fuck the hell off.

You do not need to look metal to live and breath it. Cheers!

RIP: MSR - Long gone but not forgotten.
Member since: 19.10.2002 | Last seen online: 307d ago


From: Turku, Finland
Working on: Administration, design and programming
Musical taste: Melodic stuff
Album picks: Whispered - Thousand Swords
  Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs
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Publications: Articles (6)  Reviews (9)  Galleries (6)
Languages: Russian, English, some Estonian and Finnish
Member since: 06.10.2001 | Last seen online: 30d ago


From: Nantes, France
Working on: RETIRED: Press and event business
Musical taste: A bit of everything!
Album picks: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis
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Publications: Articles (44)  Reviews (1184)  Interviews (61)  Galleries (41)
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Member since: 26.08.2002 | Last seen online: 3347d ago


From: The Netherlands
Working on: Retired
Likes: Good music, good days and good friends.
Hates: I'm not an angry person.
Album picks: Corrupted - Vasana
  Corrupted - An Island Insane
  aTelecine - A Cassette Tape Culture
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Publications: Articles (18)  Reviews (275)  Interviews (14)  
Languages: Dutch, English
Personal text: I retired from Metal Storm and only hang around occasionally for fun and memories.
Member since: 28.03.2005 | Last seen online: 1445d ago

Marcel Hubregtse

From: somewhere in the middle, The Netherlands
Working on: all sorts of stuff
Likes: Metal (duh), comedy, Bukowski, cricket, cooking, microbrews, whisky
Hates: European Power Metal, hypocrits, backstabbers
Musical taste: Metal till death
Album picks: Rainbow - Live In Munich 1977
  Process Of Guilt - Erosion
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Publications: Articles (27)  Reviews (53)  Interviews (11)  Galleries (1)
Languages: Dutch, English
Personal text: Is much more friendly and fun-loving than he comes across at first sight. Anyone ever over in The Netherlands just contact me if you're in need of a floor to crash on.

Top 20 of 2014:

1. Blood Farmers - Headless Eyes
2. Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole
3. Execration - Morbid Dimensions
4. Morbus Chron - Sweven
5. Dead Congregation - Promulgation Of The Fall
6. Swallowed - Lunarterial
7. Profetus - …As All Seasons Die
8. Horrendous - Ecdysis
9. Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation
10. Ogre - The Last Neanderthal
11. Corpsessed - Abysmal Thresholds
12. Dread Sovereign - All Hell's Martyrs
13. Teitenblood - Death
14. Phobocosm - Deprived
15. Lvcifyre - Svn Eater
16. Clouds - Doliu
17. Thantifaxath - Sacred White Noise
18. Vallenfyre - Splinters
19. Mourning Dawn - Les Sacrifiés
20. Ophis - Ophis - Abhorrence In Opulence
Member since: 23.09.2003 | Last seen online: 648d ago


From: Frankfurt, Germany
Working on: RETIRED: Promotion & partnerships, live reviews & photography
Likes: Festivals, good food, good music, good movies, deep conversations
Hates: Stupidity, close-mindedness, German bureaucracy
Musical taste: All kinds of metal, rock, folk, EBM and occasionally some ambient and jazz
Latest discovery: Kälter - Ubuntu
Album picks: Jambinai - Différance
  Wolfbrigade - Damned
  Minority Sound - The Explorer
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Publications: Articles (35)  Reviews (10)  Interviews (3)  Galleries (35)
Languages: English, Deutsch als Muttersprache ed un po' italiano
Member since: 09.06.2004 | Last seen online: 1610d ago


From: USA
Musical taste: a bit of everything
Publications: Reviews (1)  Interviews (2)  
Languages: English.
Personal text: Registered in 2003 and used to be a Moderator before joining the Elite ranks.
Gone but certainly NOT forgotten !!
Member since: 26.11.2003 | Last seen online: 596d ago


From: Belgium
Working on: RETIRED: News - Reviews and Editorials - Event/Tour Edits
Likes: Watching the world burn
Hates: ......................Satan
Musical taste: As long as it's loud, obnoxious 'n core, I'm game.
Album picks: Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure
  Mother Of Mercy - IV: Symptoms Of Existence
  Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World
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Publications: Articles (33)  Reviews (123)  Interviews (12)  Galleries (1)
Member since: 24.05.2004 | Last seen online: 3582d ago


From: Lima, Peru
Working on: RETIRED Elite member
Musical taste: varies
Publications: Reviews (688)  Interviews (64)  
Languages: Spanish, English
Personal text: A crucial reviewer in the early days of Metal Storm. Registered as the 109th user back in 2003 and is now enjoying life with the occasional visit to check out new (or old) music.
Member since: 28.04.2003 | Last seen online: 114d ago


From: Paris, France
Working on: RETIRED: Social media, moderator and occasionnal reviewer/interviewer
Likes: Video games (oldies & eSports), web development and playing guitar
Hates: Elitists
Musical taste: Anything that features at least a tiny bit of melody, a thrashy edge and some prog wanking moments
Latest discovery: Babymetal
Publications: Articles (32)  Reviews (60)  Interviews (14)  Galleries (6)
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese
Member since: 20.09.2003 | Last seen online: 10d ago


From: Rabat, Morocco
Working on: RETIRED: Moderating
Likes: Hiking, Languages, History, Amlou, Ancient lore
Musical taste: Death Metal, Progressive Metal/Rock. Other things.
Album picks: Autopsy - Horrific Obsession
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Publications: Articles (5)  Reviews (5)  
Languages: Arabic, English, French
Member since: 27.10.2003 | Last seen online: 103d ago