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Dark Fortress


1994-2023  Asvargr - guitars
2001-2023  V. Santura - guitars
2007-2023  Morean - vocals
2015-2023  Phenex - keyboards
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1994-1997  Njord - bass
1994-2007  Azathoth - vocals
1997  Thamuz - keyboards
1997-2000  Alex Stütz - bass
1997-2001  Walter Grosse - bass, guitars
1997-2001  Charon - drums
1998-2014  Paymon - keyboards
2000-2018  Draug - bass
2001-2022  Seraph - drums
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2020  Hannes Grossmann - drums
2012-2015  Job Bos - keyboards
2015-  Hannes Grossmann - drums
2016  Hrymr - drums
2018  Ar - bass
2008  Tom Gabriel Fischer - vocals

Latest reviews

At first I thought Dark Fortress wouldn't be such a likely candidate for our highest rated album of 2020, a position in which it has since been dethroned. But the more I think about it, it kinda makes sense.
Review by RaduP ››
Tasteful evolution. If there ever was a phrase to describe Dark Fortress, that, right there, is it. They're never ones to reinvent the wheel, but why should they? They've crafted their own sound without any extravagant gimmicks, they don't take risks, but they also never really misstep. With each album, Dark Fortress just defines their sound a little more. Venereal Dawn is another solid step forward in the logical progression of their history.
Review by Doc G. ››
It's always nice seeing this melodic black metal combo from Germany striking back in welcome amounts of time, on 2010 it was Ylem's turn to see the light of day, the second one with Morean on vocals after the pretty strong Eidolon.

On this...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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