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Efthimios "Themis" Tolis


1987- Rotting Christ - drums (as Themis Tolis)  
1990-1992 Varathron - drums (as Themis)  

Studio musician

1992 Zemial - drums (as Necrosauron)  
2005 Thou Art Lord - drums (as Themis Tolis)  

Guest musician

1993 Varathron - drums (as Themis)  
1996 Zemial - drums (as Necrosauron)  

Personal information

Also known as: Necrosauron, Ευθύμιος Τόλης
Born on: 28.03.1974

Themis Tolis (born 28 March 1974, in Athens, Greece) is the drummer for Greek black metal band Rotting Christ. Along with his brother, vocalist and guitarist Sakis, he has been with the band since its inception in 1987.