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Therion - Lemuria

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Release date: 24 May 2004
Style: Symphonic metal


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01. Typhon
02. Uthark Runa
03. Three Ships Of Berik, Part 1: Calling To Arms And Fighting The Battle
04. Three Ships Of Berik, Part 2: Victory!
05. Lemuria
06. Quetzalcoatl
07. The Dreams Of Swedenborg
08. An Arrow From The Sun
09. Abraxas
10. Feuer Overtüre / Prometheus Entfesselt

The best Heavy Metal album of 2004
Top 20 albums of 2004: 13

Christofer Johnsson - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Kristian Niemann - guitars
Johan Niemann - bass

Additional musicians:
Mats Levén - vocals
Piotr Wawrzeniuk - vocals
Peter Mossman - voice
Anne Marie Krawe - soprano vocals
Jana Bínová-Koucká - soprano vocals
Karolína Vočadlová - alto vocals
Ulrika Skarby - alto vocals
Tomá Černý - tenor vocals
Michael Schmidberger - bass vocals

Richard Evensand - drums
Steen Rasmussen - mellotrone, Hammond organ
Jens Nyborg - balalaika, domra
Sven Lindblad - balalaika
Kavi Björkqvist - balalaika
Jitka Tomíčková - solo oboe
Petra Čermáková - solo horn

The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Adam Klemens and Mario Klemens.
Kūhn Mixed Choir, conducted by Mario Klemens.

Additional info
All drums, bass, guitars, balalaikas, domras, mandolins, rock/metal vocals and most of the opera soloists were recorded at the Modern Art Studio, Stockholm (April-July and September 2003). Engineered by Sami Karppinen. Assistance engineering by Kristian Niemann.
Orchestra, choir and additional opera soloists were recorded at Smecky Studio, Prague, Czech Republic during September 2003. Egineered by Jan Holzner. Assistants: Michael Hradisky and Zdenék Pekarék.
The mixing and the recordings of hammond organs, mellotrone and narration were done during September/October 2004 at Sun Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark. Engineering and mixing by Lars Nissen. Assistance engineering by Andreas Hviid.
Produced by Therion and Lars Nissen.
All classical and choral arrangements by Christofer Johnsson.
Cover and layout by Thomas Ewerhard.
Orchestra was recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (see individual credits above) and was conducted by Adam and Mario Klemens.
The choir was recorded with the Kühn Mixed Choir (see individual credits above) and was conducted by Mario Klemens.

Released as limited edition 2CD digipack including the "Sirius B" album.

Also released as a double LP (triple gatefold) by Night Of The Vinyl Dead, Cat #NIGHT020 (October 2007), ltd. 500, handnumbered. This one is blue splatter vinyl.

Staff review by
Sirius B for the experiments, Lemuria for the aggression. Maybe this was the calculation of Christopher Johnsson before recording both albums. How come two albums, that have been recorded at the same time, in the same studio by the same musicians, are in the end so different?

Lemuria is what we could call a 'normal' Therion album. The only major difference with the previous album Secret Of The Runes is a higher dose of aggressiveness, the fact that Lemuria is more heavy and maybe less symphonic. The opening is a kick-ass song; actually 'Typhon' is probably the most brutal song recorded by Therion, as well as the first one with growlings, for a few years. The epic track 'Three Ships Of Berik' also contents growlings, and this 'new' vocal direction leads to more variety in the music, which is a really good thing in my opinion... The rest of the album doesn't have screams or growls, but most of it is still heavy, catchy and punchy, more like usual Therion. 'Uthark Runa' and 'An Arrow From The Sun' are the kind of songs that you can expect from Therion, heavy, with great lyric vocals and nice arrangements all along, in the end catchy songs, of those that have made the band's reputation. 'Abraxas' is in the same vein, the kind of song you wouldn't have been surprised to hear on an older album. The riff of this song is particularly interesting, it's quite brutal and groovy at the same time. Another great song. The closing track 'Feuer Overture...' is a bit special. Maybe it's the lyrics in German, or the spoken harsh vocals, but this song has no real connection with the rest. It's a good one, but it doesn't really fit in the entity that is Lemuria...

published 29.11.2004 | Comments (1)

Staff review by
2004, a year dedicated to Therion, a year that Christofer Johnsson poured his soul into composing two monumental albums, "Sirius B" and "Lemuria". Stunning and imposing at times, whilst at others emotional, orchestrations being accompanied by the superb and utterly expressive operatic female and male or heavy/power voices, unerring and inspired guitar riffing and wonderful ecstatic heavy or dreamy solos in the air are the main characteristics that form those brilliant releases.

published 18.01.2005 | Comments (8)

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13.01.2012 - 00:03
Rating: 10

I love this album. When i got in my ears these 2 works Lemuria + Sirius B I discover the perfect side of music, weeks ago i listened Secret of the Runes, that I think is with Lemuria the 2 best albums of Symphonic Metal that you can find around. As i read before in some forum Christofer dont have to envy nothing to Wagner in music composition.

A music lover.
13.01.2012 - 03:08
Rating: 9
I prefer Sirius B but this one has plenty of it's own charms, Quetzalcoatl is a favourite.
13.10.2012 - 20:51
Rating: 9

Just listening to this album after long time. Good old days when therion was at their top...
I also prefer Sirius B (their best imo), but this one is also awesome.. well deserves this 'top 200 of all time' place..
22.07.2022 - 10:11
Rating: 8

I regard Sirius B and Lemuria as one album, each with only 5-6 good tracks make a whole album.

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