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Todesbonden - Sleep Now, Quiet Forest

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Release date: 24 June 2008
Style: Atmospheric doom metal, Atmospheric gothic metal


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01. Surrender To The Sea
02. Surya Namaskara
03. Trianon
04. Aengus Óg's Fiddle
05. Fading Empire
06. Ghost Of The Crescent Moon
07. Flow My Tears
08. Sailing Alone
09. Lullaby [The Wickerman Movie Soundtrack cover]
10. Battle Of Kadesh
11. Sleep Now, Quiet Forest

Laurie Ann Haus - vocals
Jason Aaron Wood - guitars
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert - bass
Patrick Geddes - violin
James Lamb - keyboards

Additional info
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren
Drums engineered by Evan Sarli
Band photo by Elizabeth Schafer
CD cover by Ia Bjargo and Lukasz Jaszak

"Flow My Tears" written by John Dowland
"Lullabby" written by Paul Giovanni from the Wicker Man Soundtrack

Produced by mk for Prophecy Productions

Session musicians:
A. Tolonen - composition, kantele, bass, synth on track 10
Timothy Miller - drums
Elizabeth Schafer - flute on track 3 and 8

Staff review by
With "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest", the American female singer Laurie Ann Haus is finally back in front of the Metal scene. Her last EP with Todesbonden was out in 2004 and this is only four years later that the band finally releases their first official album. One more time, Laurie will invite you in a magical journey in the world of Gothic music and definitely you'll not have the right to decline it.

published 18.08.2008 | Comments (7)

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26.05.2013 - 18:09
Rating: 5
Erik M.

A painfully boring and bland album. Can't enjoy this one even slightly.
20.07.2014 - 05:46
Account deleted
This is such a painfully overlooked band though I think part of the reason is because Todesbonden is "marketed" towards the wrong crowd. It seems most people that have looked into this group have been looking for something akin to Nightwish or the many other symphonic metal bands but, really, this is music much more along the lines of Empyrium or Agalloch. One can expect a very solemn yet vivid nature-based atmosphere harkening back to the medieval days of yore ... the compositions are textured, thought-out, dynamic and engaging without ever reaching any sort of level of pomp or pretentiousness.

I recommend this highly to anyone with an ear for unique and atmospheric metal - this is truly a gem and one worth seeking out!
20.07.2014 - 05:59
Account deleted
The forest ain't the only one going to sleep here.
20.07.2014 - 07:42
Troy Killjoy
Written by Guest on 20.07.2014 at 05:59
The forest ain't the only one going to sleep here.

Part of me thinks you secretly wanted to dislike this album just so you could make that joke.
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something."
20.07.2014 - 13:34
Account deleted
Written by Troy Killjoy on 20.07.2014 at 07:42

Part of me thinks you secretly wanted to dislike this album just so you could make that joke.

Admittedly, making that joke is part of why I bothered with this. The fact that I was proven right and did indeed get to make the joke was a nice reward for my efforts. I probably should've taken the hint at "atmospheric gothic metal" because that clearly sounds like something I wouldn't like, so maybe that was douche-y on my part.

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