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Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory... Now [Compilation]

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Release date: 2009


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Disc I
01. Demons Annoying Me [Unabridged version]
02. Blood On Satan's Claw [from the Ritual Steel split]
03. Apocalyptic Riders [from the Minotauri split]
04. The Tree Of Suffering [from the Thulsa Doom EP]
05. The Children Of Doom [from the Thulsa Doom EP]
06. Odinn's Men [from the Knock'em Down To Size compilation]

Disc II
01. From The Void II [from the Rättö Ja Lehtisalo split]
02. Dark World [Saint Vitus cover] [from the Dark World/Deceiver EP]
03. Broken Vows [Pentagram cover] [from the Mannhai split]
04. Bend [Mr Velcro Fastener cover] [from the Mr Velcro Fastener split]
05. Rotestilaulu [Simo Salminen cover] [from the Kuolema split]
06. Deceiver [Judas Priest cover] [from the Dark World/Deceiver EP]
07. The Gate Of Nanna [Beherit cover] [from the Electric Wizard split]

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