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Heri Joensen


1998- Týr - vocals, guitars  
2009- Heljareyga - vocals, guitars  
2018- Surma - guitars  

Studio musician

2018 Barbarus - vocals  

Live musician

2009 Alestorm - vocals  
2012 Leaves' Eyes - vocals  

Guest musician

2009 Ensiferum - vocals  
2011 Alestorm - guitars  
2012 Wintersun - choirs  
2015 Ensiferum - additional vocals  
2017 Wintersun - choirs  

Personal information

Born on: 21.02.1973

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Heri was born in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, but he grew up in a little village with only a few houses. When he was fourteen he begun to play guitar and three years later he was playing in local bands. That time he, with his family, moved to Runavík. A few years later he started his studies at Det Alternative Rytmiske Konservatorium (Copenhagen). When he was in Denmark he met his old bandmate Kári Streymoy and they started forming a new project - Týr. After three years of studies, in 2003 Heri graduated D.A.R.K., majoring in Guitar, Vocals and later Music Theory. After that he moved back to the Faroe Islands. In 2009 he founded a new band called Heljareyga.