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David Murray "Dave" Brockie


1984-1986 Gwar - guitars (as Oderus Urungus)  
1986-2014 Gwar - vocals (as Oderus Urungus)  

Guest musician

2003 Ballistic - vocals  
2006 Strapping Young Lad - vocals  
2010 Infernaeon - vocals  
2011 Devin Townsend - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Oderus Urungus
Born on: 30.08.1963
Died on: 23.03.2014

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Oderus Urungus is both a character and an alter-ego, played by Dave Brockie, in the rock band GWAR. He appears as an intergalactic humanoid barbarian with devil horns and a meaty looking face, and always carries around a long sword named "Lick" (the name was shortened from "Unt Lick," which was used in Phallus in Wonderland).

According to GWAR mythos, Oderus Urungus is 43 billiontry years old, and was assembled on a planet called Scumdogia in "Syntho Womb 5" after pieces of his moldy war frame were found scattered throughout the Galaxy. According to interviews, Oderus' Father was a supercomputer, and his mother was a petri dish. It is suggested in the lyrics of "Fire In The Loins" (from RagNaRok) that Slymenstra Hymen is his sister, but this is never fully explained.