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Nehl Aëlin


2002- Akphaezya - vocals, keyboards, piano  
2002- Nehl Aëlin - vocals, keyboards, piano, songwriting  

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Born on: 20.08.1981
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Nehl Aëlin is a French pianist and singer, songwriter and composer. She has released two albums and is currently searching for a label for her next album, scheduled for 2010.

Often compared in reviews of her first album Demons' abortion (2002) to TORI AMOS and KATE BUSH, Nehl Aëlin turned in her second album Ghost of a Child (2005), to a style reminiscent of a soundtrack movie, symphonic and electronic, telling us the story of a little girl locked in a strange world. Often associated in the reviews to the world of Tim Burton, this album has attracted the attention of the famous French Director JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET, who then has proposed to help the songwriter to release her third album.

Her next album, Le Monde Saha (2010), is a project in three parts, mixing pop-rock, world, electronic and experimental music, in English, Japanese and French. Many acoustic instruments are used, the piano of course, but also cello, glockenspiel, flute, percussion, putting to music Le Monde Saha's concept.
You will recognize the soft piano-voice melodies with melancholic lyrics, and also discover new musical horizons, in which you will run away, visiting Asian and oriental lands, letting ourselves be carried away by an ethnic and bewitching musicality conducted in Japanese language; The album ends in a heady atmosphere, with the only song in French "Je hais les araignées" (I hate spiders), concluding this concept with lightness and humour.