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Mikko P. Mustonen


2006- Enthrope - drums  
2015- Zombie Rodeo - drums  

Studio musician

2007 Northern Kings - orchestrations  
2009 Ensiferum - orchestrations  
2010 Tarot - orchestrations  
2012-2016 Sonata Arctica - orchestrations  
2013-2017 Shade Empire - orchestrations  
2014 Adamantra - orchestrations  
2017 Amberian Dawn - orchestrations  
2017 Ensiferum - orchestrations  
2018 Dark Sarah - orchestrations  

Live musician

NA- Evemaster - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 07.06.1979

Mikko P. Mustonen is one of the on-the-rise producers of the Finnish rock and metal scene. There is a good chance that you've come across his work whether you live in Helsinki, Tokyo or Berlin.

Recently, fitting his majestic and muscular yet easy to approach sound, Mikko has done a number of orchestration and orchestral arrangements and productions for bands such as Sonata Arctica, Northern Kings, Tarot, Ensiferum, Finnish Idols winner 2008 Ari Koivunen's breakthrough album, Finnish idols contestant Agnes Pihlava, Amoral and Metallimessu. In the midst of studying producing in the acclaimed Pop & Jazz Conservatory of Helsinki, Mustonen was approached by Warner music to join the team of masterminds set out to build the sound and success of the Heavy Metal All Star ensemble Northern Kings.

By this time Mr. Mustonen had already composed and produced the music for two underground horror films, featuring large scale orchestrations and choirs. Immediately following the Northern Kings' gold-selling album's productions were over, new gauntlets were to be picked up...

At present, Mikko is constantly on the look for new and promising bands and labels who want to have a big and professional sound on their albums, be it demo recordings, album producing, full-scale orchestrations or smaller chamber orchestrations, film scores etc.