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Jeff Scott Soto


NA- Bakteria [SWE] - vocals  
NA- Joel Hoekstra - vocals  
NA- Amalgam - vocals  
NA- L'Amour - vocals  
NA- Babylon A.D. - vocals  
NA- Carrera - vocals  
NA- Fergie Frederiksen - vocals  
NA- Glass Tiger - vocals  
NA- House Of Lords - vocals  
NA- Jody Whitesides - vocals  
1984-1985 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
1987 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
1988-1998 Takara - vocals  
1989 Alex Masi - vocals  
1989 Kryst The Co - vocals  
1989-2007 Talisman - vocals  
1990-1993 Eyes - vocals  
1992-1997 Axel Rudi Pell - vocals  
1992-2000 Takara - vocals  
1993 Biker Mice From Mars - vocals  
1994- Jeff Scott Soto - vocals  
1994 Gary Schutt - vocals  
1996 Hollywood Underground - vocals  
1996-2003 Human Clay - vocals  
1997 The Boogie Knights - vocals  
2002 Humanimal - vocals  
2008 Takara - vocals  
2009- W.E.T. - vocals  
2015- Joel Hoekstra's 13 - vocals  
2017- Sons Of Apollo - vocals  

Studio musician

1983 Threashold - vocals  
1986 Panther - vocals  
1988 Dragonne - vocals  
1988 Kuni - vocals  
1991 Skrapp Mettle - vocals  
1994 Da Black Side Brown - vocals  
2001 Steel Dragon - vocals  
2003 Chris Catena - vocals  
2003 Ken Tamplin And Friends - vocals  
2003 Christian Rival's Audiovision - vocals  
2004 Edge Of Forever - vocals  
2005 Soul Sirkus - vocals  
2007 Tempestt - vocals  
2007 Redlist - vocals  
2007-2010 Jorge Salan - vocals  
2009 Trans-Siberian Orchestra - vocals  
2010 Danger Angel - vocals  
2010 Jane Bogaert - vocals  
2010-2011 Last Autumn's Dream - vocals  
2011 Pushking - vocals  
2011 Mitch Malloy - vocals  
2012 Reign Of The Architect - vocals  
2012 Koritni - vocals  

Live musician

2006-2007 Journey - lead vocals  
2008- Trans-Siberian Orchestra - vocals  

Guest musician

1991 Lita Ford - backing vocals  
1995 Lita Ford - backing vocals  
2000 Paul Gilbert - shouts  
2004 Edge Of Forever - vocals  
2005 Michael Schenker Fest - vocals  
2009 Taka Minamino - vocals  
2009 Taka Minamino - vocals  
2011 Evolution - vocals  
2011 Wolfpakk - vocals  
2014 Gus G. - vocals  
2014-2015 Gus G. - vocals  
2016 Lita Ford - backing vocals  
2018 Melted Space - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 04.11.1965

Jeff Scott Soto (born November 4, 1965, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American rock singer best known for being vocalist on Yngwie Malmsteen's first two albums, and for stepping up to the job of lead vocalist for Journey on their 2006-2007 tours after Steve Augeri had to leave the band for surgery. His style is typical of heavy metal vocalists of the 1980s, but he is also influenced by classic soul music singers such as Sam Cooke as well as Steve Perry of Journey and Freddie Mercury from Queen (the former of which he later joined).

The bands Soto has been involved in included Axel Rudi Pell, Eyes, Talisman, Takara, Humanimal, Human Clay, Kryst The Conqueror, Redlist, The Boogie Knights and Soul Sirkus.

Jeff has sung background vocals on several albums by artists such as Lita Ford, Steelheart, Fergie Frederiksen, Glass Tiger, House Of Lords, Stryper, Saigon Kick, and many others.

He has released several solo albums as well. Jeff also sang for the fictional band Steel Dragon, which featured Zakk Wylde, for the soundtrack of the movie Rock Star along with Michael Matijevic of the band Steelheart, whose second album featured Jeff on background vocals.

He has also sung lead vocals on an album inspired by the TV series Biker Mice From Mars.

In 2006, Soto replaced Steve Augeri in Journey due to an acute throat infection that caused Augeri to leave the tour. On December 19, Soto was confirmed as the official lead singer for Journey and a press release was posted on the band's official site. On June 12, 2007 it was announced on the same website that Journey had officially dismissed Jeff as their lead singer. Though Soto's fans met the dismissal with outrage, Soto himself addressed the issue by saying "I was looking forward to a long, prosperous future with these guys but it seems they wanted something different than I brought to the table. No love lost though, they know what's best for the preservation of their legacy. I wish them all the best but now it's time to continue working on my own path again".