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Heidi Solberg Tveitan


1998-2006 Peccatum - vocals, keyboards (as Ihriel)  
2000- Starofash - vocals, keyboards, synthesizers  
2005-2007 Hardingrock - keyboards, programming, vocals (as Starofash)  

Guest musician

2000 Thou Shalt Suffer - vocals (as Ihriel)  
2012 Ørkenkjøtt - keyboards, organ (as Ihriel)  
2012-2013 Ihsahn - vocals  
2013 Andy Winter - vocals  
2022 Ibaraki - backing vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Ihriel, Starofash
Born on: 31.05.1972

Ihriel was first introduced to music after taking singing and music lessons for many years. In 1998 she formed Peccatum with her husband Ihsahn and brother Lord Pz. Shortly after in 1999 Peccatum was signed to Candlelight Records and her first Peccatum album Strangling from Within was released. This was soon followed by an American and European tour.

In 2000 Ihriel performed at the Mystic Art Festival in Poland to support her next two releases, along with the Inferno Festival in her homeland of Norway in 2001. It was also in 2001 that Ihriel was signed to Jester Records for her solo project Star of Ash. The project's first album, called Iter.Viator, was released in 2002, and it featured various guest artists. Among them are members of Emperor and Ulver.[1]

In early March 2006 Peccatum announced their end leaving more time for their own individual projects. In October 2006 Ihriel announced a collaboration with Japanese author Kenji Siratori. Siratori provided lyrics, spoken word vocals and the music video to the track 'Neo Drugismo', which appeared on the second Star of Ash album The Thread.


Strangling from Within - (1999)
Oh, My Regrets [EP] - (2000)
Amor Fati - (2001)
Lost in Reverie - (2004)
The Moribund People (EP) - (2005)

Star of Ash
Iter.Viator - (2002)
The Thread - (2008)
Ulterior Original Sound Track - (2009)
Lakhesis (2010)

Grimen - (2007)