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Dämmerfarben - Biography




Dämmerfarben was founded under the name Schattenwindes Dämmerfarben in the year 2005 by Nostarion (in these days known as Blackheart Nostarion) as a solo-project beside his bands, such as Autumn In Frost, and his work as a session musician.

In the year 2006, Nostarion recorded the band's first demo, called Des Herbstes Trauerhymnen. It was a three-track demo including the songs "Herbstsonne", "Des Herbstes Trauerlied" and "Schattenwindes Dämmerfarben". After releasing the demo-EP, the name was changed to Dämmerfarben.

It was May 2008, when Fergen Grimnir, musician of the bands Throndt and Idhafels joined the band as bass-player. In the end of the year 2008 the band got a new member: Nachtgarm, known for his performances with bands like Negator, Sanguineus, Pantheon I and more, took place as the new vocalist of Dämmerfarben.

Since the beginning of work on the first longplayer album, Im Abendrot, Christopher, known from his band Kerbenok became the new session drummer for the upcoming works. Now the line-up for Im Abendrot was completed: Nostarion, Fergen Grimnir and Christopher.

In the beginning of 2012 three new musicians joined the band: Emma Björling, known from her bands Kongero and Lyy, Magnus Holmström and Martin Wiese, known from his band Enid, will be part of Dämmerfarben from now on.