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Be'lakor - Biography



Be'lakor hails from Melbourne, Australia, having formed in mid 2004. The original line-up remains in place: aggressive vocals and rhythm guitar are provided by George Kosmas and lead guitars are woven by Shaun Sykes, with Jimmy Vanden Broeck on drums, Steven Merry on keyboards/piano and John Richardson on bass.

The music of Be'lakor is underpinned by dark, atmospheric inflections and resonant harmonies. Lyrically, the band draws inspiration from the grandeur in nature, the ideals of paganism, and "the drive to recapture true spirituality and heroism in an age of materialism and religious sterility."

Be'lakor's recent ascent has culminated in a fervent underground following, with fans in the U.K, Europe, the U.S and their native Australia eagerly awaiting the release of the band's full-length debut The Frail Tide.

2007 saw not only the much-anticipated release of this disc, but also a string of performances, with the band's intense live shows capturing the attention of all who encountered them. Work on a follow-up album has already begun, with Be'lakor's melodic, dark and at-times progressive song structures being further refined against a backdrop of simmering ideological unrest.