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Nasty Savage - Biography



When people are talking about cult metal bands, the name NASTY SAVAGE immediatelly appears. Long before Obituary, before Deicide and even before Death a band from Florida caused a buzz in the scene: NASTY SAVAGE. The maniacs around fronter Nasty Ronnie had next to excellent music an extreme show to offer. Which other band at that time smashed TV's and spewed blood, guts and sweat as part of their stage show? Already with their first demo "Wage of Mayhem" (one of the most popular demos of all times) the band got a fanatic following. In 1985 the band signed with Metal Blade and released their overwhelming, highly celebrated self-titled debut album. The second and as strong album "Indulgence" was released in 1987 and NASTY SAVAGE became a main part of the world-wide metal scene. With the fascinating EP "Abstract Reality" the band ended their cooperation with Metal Blade and signed with Rotten Records, who released the third album "Penetration Point" in 1989. Following the release the band broke up unfortunatelly due to internal conflicts. The musicians though were still active in bands like Lowbrow, Infernal and Gardy-Loo. During the 1990s the band periodically reformed for reunion gigs, including the prestigious German "Bang Your Head" festvial in 1998. In 2002 at the urging of their label Crook'd Records the legend continous: here are the first new songs since 13 years! The new mini-album was logically entitled "Wage of Mayhem" as it includes the new recordings of the four original demo tracks plus two complete new songs with which the team around Nasty Ronnie surprise everyone: "Sardonic Mosiac" and "Wage of Mayhem"(Part One) sound as if the band would never have been away and are a wet dream for every metallian over thirty years. The past is the future - NASTY SAVAGE return with a mighty clash and that's not even all: a complete new album in original line up will be recorded and release through Crook' d/Massacre in summer of 2003 - expect more nastiness in 2003 - you have been warned!