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Lantlôs - Biography




Lantlôs was founded in 2005/2006 in Rheda, Germany by Herbst and Angrrau. Some rough demos were recorded and later released on the extremely limited Îsern Himel demo tape by the band itself in 2008. Because both Herbst and Angrrau were not satisfied with the sound and Îsern Himel was always meant to be a demo, they started to record the debut in their home studio in September 2007. Alboîn joined as a session vocalist, so the first line-up was complete. Lantlôs, released by ATMF, saw its daylight in September 2008 in combination with a perfect artwork by Fursy Teyssier. Meanwhile, Angrrau and Alboîn left Lantlôs. The debut was re-released on LP via Deviant Records and on tape via Karge Welten in 2009.

Near the end of 2007/early 2008 Herbst started to work on the next album .neon. Somewhere in between, Neige joined Lantlôs as a permanent vocalist. .neon was recorded in February 2009. Again Fursy Teyssier delivered an even more breathtaking artwork for the album, and everything was ready to be released in mid-2009.

In March 2010 Lantlôs switched to Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions and .neon was finally released in June 2010 on CD and LP.

In 2011 Lantlôs released their follow-up to .neon, on October 28, entitled Agape.