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Severe Torture - Biography




Severe Torture started in 1997 with the following line-up: Thijs - guitars, Seth - drums, Erik - vocals, Jelle - guitars and Patrick - bass. With this line-up they recorded "Baptized...", a 5-song demo tape/CD produced by Vincent Dijkers (Sinister/Houwitser), in 1998.

Severe Torture spread 600 copies all over the world and got a lot of good reactions but no good offers from records labels.

After the release of the demo Eric left Severe Torture to join dutch death metal masters Sinister. Also around the same time Seth and Patrick joined the dutch band Centurian to complete their line-up but continued playing in Severe Torture, their No.1 band . Eric got replaced by vocalist Dennis and with this line-up Severe Torture recorded a 2-song promo-CD just for labels. After getting a lot of good reactions Severe Torture played a gig with Immolation and this caused the leaving of guitar player Jelle. Meanwhile Damnation Records released the 2-song promo on 7" vinyl called "Pray for Nothing" and was limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.At this moment the 7" is sold-out.

Severe Torture continued as a 4-piece band and signed a contract for one CD with Fadeless Records. After a couple of months Wilko of Fadeless Records joined the Hammerheart Records team and started up the sub-label The Plague. Meanwhile Severe Torture appeared at the No Mercy 2000 Festival in 013/Tilburg with Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vader, Hate Eternal and Vomitory and Severe Torture did their first tour, nine days across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium and Holland with Damnation and the last 3 gigs also with Pyaemia.

After this mini-tour Severe Torture started the recordings of the full-length "Feasting on Blood" at Franky's Recording Kitchen with producers Berthus Westerhuys and Robbie Woning. The artwork for the album was done by Joe Maloney. "Feasting on Blood" was released on October 9th 2000 in Europe and will be released in the USA through Hammerheart America in February 2001. The CD was also released on picture vinyl limited to 500 copies and was sold out three months after the release.

Severe Torture did a European tour in January 2001 together with Macabre, Broken Hope and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter called "Masters of Murder 2001". During this tour The Plague released the 7" EP "Lambs of a God"; two unreleased tracks ("Taking Down The Descender" & "Lambs of a God") on green vinyl limited to 500 copies. At this moment this 7" is sold out.

In February 2001 The Plague changed into Hammerheart Records and offered Severe Torture a contract for two more full-lengths. Meanwhile Seth and Patrick stopped playing in Centurian because Wim and Rob (Centurian) wanted fully-committed band members. They are still in good contact and you can expect Severe Torture/Centurian gigs in the future. April 2001 will be the month Severe Torture invades the USA live. Severe Torture will play the Ohio Death Fest together with Exhumed, Deeds of Flesh and many more, and will play a couple of other gigs with Pessimist and Broken Hope to spread their music in the States.

In early October 2004 the band parted with their long-time label Karmageddon Media (ex-Hammerheart Records). A new worldwide deal was signed with Earache Records in mid June 2005 which lasted the band signed with Season Of Mist in 2010.