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Mortör - Biography

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Mortör was first born from the creative mind of rhythm guitarist David Paquette. Dave kept this solo project alive in Montréal for a while, but when he moved to the Gatineau and Ottawa region in 2007, he decided to build a full band. In 2008, he gathered the first complete line-up, consisting of himself (rhythm guitar), Matthew Spreitzer Bernier (lead guitar), Dominic Brown (drums), Stéphane Jomphe (bass and back vocals) and Yolin Lafrenière (lead vocals). With a good few songs already in progress, the band set out to perform live shows and bombard the world of Thrash with its fresh, raw sound.

After a full year of hard work, Mortör was ready to head to the studio. During the recording process, the band's drummer was replaced with David Gravel, formerly of the band Nonsense. The new team worked on their breakthrough album with a fervor only matched by the viciousness of their attack on the regional Thrash scene. Finally, during Rockfest 2010, Mortör's Metal Ride was released! Ready to assault and conquer all, the band was once again faced with adversity - one after the other, lead guitarist and bassist left to pursue other commitments. Never willing to give up, Mortör went on a mission to fill the shoes of Matthew and Stéphane.

The wait is now over, and rehearsals have picked back up where they left off. Re-energized by the arrival of Rock Déziel on lead guitar and Jonathan Boulay on bass, Mortör is more ready than ever to hit the stage and show you what it's made of. No obstacle is to big and no venue is to far - Mortör will go wherever invited. Watch out world, the Metal Ride is coming to your town!