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Jesus Ain't In Poland - Biography




Since 2005, when they found a stable line-up, JAIP started playing live, walking stages for the most part across north and central Italy.

In 2008 the band released it's first 10 track self-produced EP Holobscene. It was live recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 73, in Ravenna, by Riccardo Pasini during November 2007.

One year later the band embarked in it's first European tour, together with 2 Minuta Dreka from Bologna, they shared the stage throughout Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Afterwards the four musicians committed themselves to writing new material for a forthcoming full-length release, which was also live recorded, mixed and mastered once again at Studio 73 under supervision of Riccardo Pasini, during a 4 day period in July 2011; the long awaited follow-up Freiheit Macht Frei was released on February 10, 2012, as well as promoted and distributed by Grindpromotion.

Since the very beginning, Jesus Ain't In Poland have incorporated multiple extreme music influences into their sound: death metal, grindcore, hardcore punk, sludge and thrash metal fuse all together, defining a diversified and compact style which constantly evolves throughout the years.

It's up to you now to determine whether it's true or not such a blade actually cuts.

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