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Wilderun - Epigone lyrics


01. Exhaler

I felt the world too well
I felt the world too well
There was nothing to tell
The starlight of the shell

The wind would be my spine
At the advent of my time
The glory of all things
Was implicit to the
Waking, each new day
So clearly awake
Cloudy dreams no more
Than ghosts who partake

Endless years
Contained within a day
Hell comes near
The question waits for its play

The key was skin and bone
When the earth was still my home
The fortune has been spent
And the secret has been…

Hidden, locked away
How could I lose
The greatest knowledge I ever knew?

02. Woolgatherer

Then all bent and turned itself to smoke
Lesions filled with questions appeared
As soon as I awoke
Will you persist?
Practicing the end before the start
The way I´m crawling sideways
You´re better off if I depart
Won´t you dismiss me?
I´m tired and applauded for an answer
That´s slipping

Appearing as a statue while running through the trees
One earth kept its balance
But luckily there were more I could not see
They were born of nothing

Stay with me
Stay with me
You´ve let me in
So graciously

Secretive emotions the universe will keep
Punishment or privilege
It offers you an opening to peek

This is the way
This is the light
Yet suddenly
Becoming much too bright

The treasure should never have been unearthed
Reality twists and reveals its worth
The clock is set forever in reverse
My revelation´s just a memory to nurse

Free the eyes of the reverence within
That well has dried
Nothing I imagine can compare
I´ll be a passerby
Do they ever see the final world
That they create?
Or is it the very nature of its heart
To arrive one moment too late

I just wanted to escape to your domain
Mine´s not the same
Wandering, vibrant stream
Borrowing purpose
Soon as it has touched my hand
It´s far too near
What I hold dear
Cannot be stained by me
Leave it there
I´ve a window and a chair
Burning throat, make me float
Let me lie where
Ego does not dare, but still aware

A web of dead converging branches
Drips with blood and squandered chances
There´s something I missed here

I peer through woods onto the altar
I knew that dreams could bend
And often falter

But this is not the same
Not cowardice or pain
The fundamental void
Is staring blankly

Lead or follow, maybe this is over
Flee the spring before the bar is lowered
Clearly this cannot capture the holy
Precedent that will forever hunt me

We will not dismiss thee
Forever you´ll chase the answer
That´s missing

03. Passenger

He is a river with endless flow
His source seems eternal under the water
He found a loophole in creation´s glow
So steady and measured his pace

Oh what grace
All in place
All in place

She is a mountain within a storm
How beautifully weathered with no effort
She´s probably had that since she was born
How much we have reaped
From a mind forlorn

While harvesting chaos, the door is ajar
It starts seeping (Such spontaneity!)
The beings enter from near and afar
And they aren´t leaving (Blessed for eternity!)
Keep feeding the gaping disease
Where meanings persists (Isn´t it wonderful!)
You know this journey is all that you need
We must insist (Aren´t you so colorful!)

Pain´s just a passenger
In spite of the author

We´ll never lead you to that lake
To drown suffering and hate
You need this like fire needs the air
Tabula rasa, a road you should not dare
Die in creation´s lair

They are the martyrs, we´ll praise them so
And borrow their feelings for just a while
But once they sink in, we´ll let them go
Oh surely they´ve learned to cope

Forever the deal, it´s forever the plan
To break every rock and inhale the sand
Never enjoy the surface, always digging beneath
You know what you are, when you see…

All the hells and all the bliss revealed
As a single god
It won´t help, yet to it you must kneel
It began its life as a partner
When it fed you tales of woe and wonder
It´s depleted all its stores
Yet somehow it still remains

It still feigns its uses
Practical abuses
How mundane this healing
What are you achieving?
It was a creature that clawed at your back
Keeping your vision just slightly off-track
“Oh don´t you worry, you´ll thank me for this
Praise will rise from the ruins and mist”
You still need me

It gave you everything when this began
Stories and questions and worlds
To expand
But it is the origin, is it the start?
Or just a parasite sewn to your heart?

Drown in the wellspring
Abandon meaning

04. Identifier

Already have I fallen prey
Hypocritical dismay
Still I go forth
Slave to the form

There is a mystery inside you
A purity of being we innately know
How can the speechless seem to ring true?
To find the frequency and carry on
The bypassing of justification
The ether breathes through you
And that is all you need
And yet persists this one persuasion
To link it all to some mortal deed

We cannot stop corrupting you
Transcendence can and will not do
Aesthetic formed by precedent
How else would we know what we meant?

Shed that earthly cloak
Stained with what we spoke
Curse what we wrote

The reason manifests in an instant
The rite of being is arranged by space and time
Yet we´re still skeptics of an existence
Absent corporeal and lucid lines

Primordial is what you heard
Let all this space become absurd
Before the time, Before this word
Before the gods were ours to burn

Shed that earthly cloak
Stained with what we spoke
This was never meant to be
So close to you and me
How can I distance myself from this?
Turn all my being to smoke and mist
Still I give essence a cursory glance
And once again into this dance
We fall

All creatures gather traces of mind
Constructing stories of what they hope to find
Think I´d rather be blind

All this correlation of the abstract
Will shine all the brighter once we can pull it back

I have fallen prey
You, identifier
I have fallen prey
You can go no higher
Maybe it´s time to let go

The signs displaying in the stars
The stars consumed by my eyes
My eyes inverting into my voice
Still my voice betrays

Writhing in a vast and cosmic source
From this, let my cause divorce
Deconstruct the great supernal seas
Overwhelm, dismantle me

Your voice, your lies
Sever all ties
Your voice, your lies
Sever all ties

Tiptoe into the vague
Sneak past patterned plagues
Chaos seems to be void of shame

Yet I always return
Where to make is merely to yearn
This was never meant to be
So close to you and me
How can I distance myself from this?
Turn all my being to smoke and mist
Still I give essence a cursory glance
And once again into this dance
We fall

05. Ambition


06. Distraction I

1 of 3 if I´m lucky, 1 of 2 more like
What a waste to be dwelling
In the light´s demise tonight

This was never a problem, no reason it´s appeared
No tangible conclusion, at least not one that´s clear
At yet I cannot fully grasp in its wondrous breadth
That which I´m afraid to lose
That for which I´ve wept

Counting everything aimlessly, count it all again

Everything eludes me, yet concerns me more
All is more unknowable than I´ve ever known before

Constantly the providing sun feeds me life
Yet I cannot notice as I´m tracking its path in the sky

Terror has come to stay
Look away
Dare you expand into all

07. Distraction II

Pulling it back again
From earth, moon, to hand & pen
We can keep all the wheels turning
Safely remove the “when”

Toil the land for years
Witness repeating gears
We´ll cycle until we believe
The earth will present a mirror

But a mind so curious
Must drift now and then
It will peer for a moment
Just around the bend

All is approaching
More quickly
Than you can close the door

Pulling it back again
From millions to less than ten
It´s a map with no destination
There´s minutes left to defend

Wounds that you seek to heal
And subsequently you´ll peel
The flesh away from the body
To curb the looming reveal
But no length of exertion
Forever holds the seal

So let the mountains reach high
Let the rivers run deep
So that we´ll never rest
Not until we´re asleep
When the questions dissolves
But until then we´ll run
O forgive me, I´ve glanced
It is coming undone

08. Distraction III

The wailing winds have died away
Surrendering myself to say
That I see you now who lurks beyond
You´re not quite there, and yet you´re never gone

I see that you´ve come to stay
I look away
Still I dissolve into all

09. Distraction Nulla


10. Everything In Its Right Place

Kid A, Kid A
Kid A, Kid A


In its right place
In its right place
In its right place
In its right place

Yesterday, I woke up sucking on a lemon
Yesterday, I woke up sucking on a lemon
Yesterday, I woke up sucking on a lemon
Yesterday, I woke up sucking on a lemon


In its right place
In its right place
In its right place
Right place

There are two colors in my head
There are two colors in my head
What, what is that you tried to say?
What, what was that you tried to say?

Tried to say
Tried to say
Tried to say
Tried to say