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Disgorge (MEX) - Blood And Pus Emanations lyrics


03. In The Acro Cianotyc Post Cloning Ectopysm

in your symptoms I devied

your meat complete on impetiginose
hooks I made with exfoliative
geniculose to perforate the cunt
rigid denigrate acrid carcinome
as I continues in your ecceme

I still hack in fresh ortiges

covered in piss drain into uvea
penetrate by acromice utura
failure nephron evolutive
all my putrid being starts to spew
insipid fecund contracture

dissectionized larvaries lap
visciously and totally ingest
abusing in hipofisyare giecstasis
inverting clonal tro canter

strangling now stabbing and crushing
sooner ill be in cleido fungoids
growing my post infect traccion
cruelty bloating and piercing out

flegma on vertebriomes cut
crippled acrome evolute rugose
poly chytemia and ectogenous
distrophyc senks burnt
his epithellial conic grub I munch

post medule inject in the auer
feeding totally by clonning
the anhidrotic blobs in ectodermism
ano blastoma grown foetal
ectopyc and uterine crush
degluting ipsilasides of your log
extirpate, germinate and evacuate

acro discord fissured depraved
in the clones of the acrid