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Pathology - Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery lyrics


01. Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery

The silence within darkness, is unveiled
I'm decaying here in my emptiness
Perverse Debauchery
Bodies lying frozen and stained in blood
Severed limbs rotten from the Innocent
I'll fuck your corpse until it dies...
I'll fuck your religion and your so called God
Blood stains left from torture
bathing in the Indecency
loathing depravity paradox of perverse
beyond the threshold of confinement
beheading the sacraments
lust my spoiled semen ingesting it at will
Swallowing my sins, Captive in my Tomb...
Raping the headless, keeping the bodies preserved
incisions of the vital organs
6v dying is an unholy hell
I'll Fuck, Perverse Debauchery
I'll Fuck, I'll Fuck, I'll Fuck, the bodies
half decayed in my tomb
taking the lives sealing all faith
annocucing them deceased
at the time of death there eyes look for angels
I show them possessing demons as I fuck

03. Blessed Through Suffering

Soul suffering, creator of penance to exalt your sins
A faceless entity with
diabolic intent over the fallen
bound by their weakness they are
Resurrection Denied
Blessed Savior Crucifixion
returning to their
light half alive
condemned to be lambs to wolfs
Assisted by insects, eaten by
infestations of worms
eternally decimated by the light of unholiness
by Mutated scabs
Your god kneels before me, gutted like a martyr
and blood
slowly seeps out his gouged eyes
performing unspeakable acts of
cutting out the heart for a immoral offering
Unveil suffering inhuman
alive to be purified
Rotting with the fallen, begging for resurrection

05. Defiled Autopsy Remnants

Bodies starts to rot.
The atrocity of being demolished exhumes you
manifested for scientific worship
veins drain the life from a worthless
Maggots feaster threw flesh
Remnants of an evil night, pale necrotic
within this autopsy all will be revealed
unburied from the grave...
i remove the flesh, i taste the decay of the wounds
and feed off the
emptiness, buried in your spinal wretch
Bodies starts to rot
incisions so
prices, injecting viruses
Chunks of brain and skull fragments
Agony of a
peerless dementia
crapped filled piece of human shit
beaten to a
unrecognizable form
how the fuck can the cause of death be determined
autopsy of the dying race
The curse of being created exhumes you
organs eaten
fro cannibalistic worship
and instruments of removing the blood
veins drain
the sin from a worthless shell
Blistering stare into the eyes the body starts
to rot
of this formless being
devouring what is left from this
maggots fester threw flesh
witness of an evil night
with a perverse
morality to rape and kill
Deadening eyes stare at this scalpel
putting to
rest this defiled autopsy

08. Lycantropy Of Dead Flesh

Lying half alive... not yet dead
I've waited hell for the gathering to
My awful sins are not to repent
to kneel before the Eternal...
rip his throat, bite his throat
and his eyes will be burned in lies
And to
transform from rotting putrid smells
and the meat i consume is from the virgin
bestowed upon this being to rapture the pure
a divine for implementing
A divine nature of bloodthirsty to consume
a Eucharist from the
covenant of unholiness...
Lifeless inhabitance is certain contempt
demolish all that is breathing
An awaking of inner thirst for infamy and
Raping the freshly decomposed
Desolate stare into god's dead
unleashed to hunt among the worthless living...
to sacrifice the dead
Undead to become one with Darkness blessings
flesh transformed to
mutated pulp
a created cannibal for the hunt of life
to live with the hunger
for meat
feeding this darkness with in my sou