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Kreator - Pleasure To Kill lyrics


01. Intro (Choir Of The Damned)


02. Ripping Corpse

He came from the east with weapons full of blood from newborn children
Now he's here in your town to kill you die at once
Until today you've lived your live without any sorrow
At home you've got your child and wife
But what will come tomorrow

Await the death by the blade
Run before it's too late
Await the axe in your back
As the ripping corpse attack

You begin to sweat you begin to cry
As you watch this scene
At first you see your children die
You wish it was a dream
He eats the heart of your wife
And rips her cunt inside
You know now it's your turn
The others have already died

Now he's close to you
His eyes are cold and cruel
Fear is in your heart
His might will rip you apart
Eternal horror, eternal horror
Eternal wickedness, eternal death
Life taking bloodrain neverending deathpain
No one will care when you die

03. Death Is Your Saviour

In a dark and brutal land
Not far from here lived a mighty wargod
The slaves were all afraid
No one stood against him no one tried
He lived by the sword until he died
Mighty wargod fight 'till death
Hunt the people let no one rest show your planet
Who is the lord take the weapons made to strike
Fight under an immortal command spread fear across the land
Always trusting holy rule
Death is your saviour
Spread the fear across the sea kill yourself to be free
The only commander of the world
Death is your saviour

In the night a constant fight
Death is in the air
Banshees crying through the sky
You don't know where
Look up high the corpses will live
Through all the genocide
Soldiers march on unholy ground
In front the death is riding

Death is your saviour
You're gonna die
Burn in the fire scream across the sky
Death is your saviour you're gonna die
All the survivors can hear you cry

04. Pleasure To Kill

Day turns to night as I rise from my grave
Black was the hole were I laid
Stalking the city to seek out your blond
I love when it showers from my blade
Your body is so pretty but how will it look
When my perverted lust is stilled
No one to save you no parents or friends
Because they've already got killed

My only aim is to take many lives
The more the better I feel
My only pleasure is to hear many cries from those tortured by my steel
The colour of your blood from your open body
Is all I wanted to see
Tasting the blood from your lips as you die means satisfaction to me

Pleasure to kill

Hear my heartbeat as you see me upon you
Tears in your eyes I do not care
Listen now to the motor of my chainsaw
Open your eyes don't be scared
Look into my eyes do you see any love?
The only thing is agony
Now I can't wait to give you the good pain
Die now and be free

Now that my mission is done
Your body forgotten has been killed
I return to the cemetery
And my bloodlust is stilled
My coffin is open for me
I lay down and rest
Nothing will set me free
And so I kill until excess

05. Riot Of Violence

Greedy for blood paralysed by power
Decision to die tales of terror
Deep in the corner
Passion to kill
Corpse on the ground mind starts to chill

A man lies in the corner covered with blood
Bloody wounds on his body praying for his god
People pass him by but they say why should we
Care about him he will die today

Riot of violence

Find your own way you must go alone
Kill all next to you they want the throne
The infectious disease is the only life
You're scared to death die by the knife

Brutality and mighty wars warriors start to fight
With bombs and guns the troops have come to extinguish the light
I'd rather not go wild tonight but i must save myself

On a field littered with corpses was a lonely flower
It reminds the world how it was
But we kicked it away with power

06. The Pestilence

Cemetary of hades riting flesh of death
Skulls and bones are decaying
Corpses limbs and deadly carnage
Massacre and crime is ruling
The world is living in pain and sorrow
The gods have stopped believing
Survive or escape there is no chance
Death of all cultures is near

There must be a parasite in their brains
Terror is their only aim
Gods of war and fallen kingdoms
Prayed for it in times of decay
A curse of the unity of the undead
Has reached the poisened souls
Middle ages time of the pestilence
Cruelty of unreached thrones

The pestilence

The omen has hung over the world
Since time has begun
A sceptre and a sword
And endless signs of hate and desolation
In minds and hearts in souls and brains
There is only decaying
A shame to those who lived by the rules
Death of all cultures is near

Worms and rats attack your brain
You stare at the sun as you pray
Pray for help but it's stupid cause you know
There ain't no help for you
Death draws near and you fear the smell of
But you've got no chance to escape
You will die in hell

Hear the screams of children around you
No one cares about that crime
Terror rules the decayed land
The master is watching all the time

07. Carrion

Lights are flashing down the alleys the reaper has arrived
The medieval brutality is still alive
The death machines of one hundred countries are ready to strike
No remorse no mercy only hate is in their eyes satan and his legions will be their guides
He'll make the world a slave to his hellish might

Reaching out for your life
The world is prepared to die
Death will fall from the sky
And the reaper will arrive
Open your eyes if you can and see everything burn
Zombies will come out of their graves to see the corpses turn
The world is at an end and there is no return
Don't try to run or escape the final death
Death is a part of your life you should be glad
Black rain is falling down and the moon is turning red

Hear the sound of bombs as they fall
Don't cry you'll die so crawl
Fear the next day if you survive
'cause there ain't no place for new life

No escape nothing there no way out to save your life
The strong and weak all will fall prepare yourself to die
Screams of despair screams of pain you hear it everywhere
Wait for god if there is one but even he doesn't care

08. Command Of The Blade

Mist is rising as he rides over the land
With his blade of steel he's coming to take you
He has seen the battles of the damned he has lost and won he's coming to break your
Flesh and bones scared to scream
Scared to cry
Await your fate no one will save you
You're damned to die
Warrior of the king mission to kill
Death to all his aim is to give you
Command of the blade when you fall
His mission's complete
He's gonna get you

Command of the blade

His cape is black his eyes glowing red
He's seeking for you he wants to rape you
His lifeless body has decayed long ago
His skeleton's riding
Coming to break your
Neck and bones scared to scream too late to cry
Your fate is hear you hear his steps
Now you die
Warrior of the king
Mission to kill
Death to all his aim is to give you
Command of the blade he will laugh as you fall
His aim is to give you

DEATH !!!!!!!!!

When you die by his blade
Your corpse lies here to decay
No one will miss your dumb face
No one be left there to pray
The KREATOR rides back to his kingdom
To receive another command
Soon he will be back here
To conquor and rule over the land

09. Under The Guillotine

Night is over
Now it's dawn
Your final day
Has begun
Hear the steps
On the floor
Hear the sounds
Of the opened door
Too proud to scream
Too proud to beg for mercy
You will die by the executioner's hand

Under the guillotine

Tears are running
Down your cheeks
As you see
The axe of death
You were a prisoner
Didn't care about rules
Now it's time
To pay for the fools

10. Flag Of Hate

Dark shadows lie over the city
Tonight someone will die, you can hear
Some painful scream the air is full of files
The mayhemic legions are ready to steal the human souls
Come into my vault and do what you have been told
I'll eat your intestines no matter if you pray or please
I'll bring you down to your knees
Tonight you're gonna meet your fate you'll try to run but it's too
Late I am here to liquidate

Time to raise your flag of hate, destroy the world is our only aim
To strike them down is the only way to make 'em dead
and make 'em pay

The gallow of the underground shippers on the sea of blood
All what we want is to crucify your "god"
The posers on this earth have no right to live
We gonna split their brains torture is what we give

11. Take Their Lives

Living your live in endless frustration
Everyday you get nervous and teased
You think about your youth with sex and pleasure
Now the times have changed the blood you bleed

Chorus: Living a destructed
Change it before you die
Take what you don't need to betray
Your end is nearerthan you think you know
You can't survive
Take their lives, don't wait another day
Take their lives

Normal man of the civilisation
Is that what you wanted to be?
You know the deadly force in your vains
And tonight you set the power free


Take them into the cellar, be sure that they can't scream
They have taken all the best years of your life
You don't feed no mercy as you locked them on the chains
You don't care about your children's cries
Now there ain't no turning back the axe shines in your hand
You cut the first limb with laughin' eyes
Your crimes complete and you will pay, they'll hunt you to the ground
your days are counted now you have to run

Solo/Rpt chorus

12. Awakening Of The Gods

Was it a vision or was it a dream
The trust of the mankind has never been real
Gods of pleasure gods of pain
Gods of terror of life and of hate
Mortality is endless when gods start to pray
Life becomes worthless by nuclear death
The're watching from above it could happen every daywatching their
terror and
care in no way
No one can imagine where you will be
Where you have been before your birth you will see
Planned and controlled is your life in every way
Watched and controlled on every single day

See their eyes filled with lies
Watch the slaughter endless night
Can make your scream can make you cry
You know you're helpless till the end of time
Awakening of the gods

Burning ambitions your lusts and your wills
Your plans of life goals and your thrills
Days of laughter days of crime your living to your fate on foretold
Nothin' has worth nothing is real nothing is important no way you
Feel this can't be the only life it could begin when you die

See their eyes...

Manipulated by human feelings
You're passing through this life searching for the meaning of all
But that's something you will never find
Accept all what happens to you
Be prepared for torture and pain you know there ain't nothing
You can do only death will close the reign

You've seen the good sides but you've also seen the bad
Damned to mortality damned is your life for death
Created for a mystery why is this your fate
Only the future will show
Or maybe you will never know