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Fates Warning - Trivia

The album A Pleasant Shade of Gray lists several people as providing additional voices. They appear respectively in the following sections: Bill "Shoot me" Metoyer: Part 7, Lydia Montagnese: Part 3, Mark Zonder: Part 6, Terry Brown: Parts 5 & 6, Lindsay Matheos: Part 6. However, the booklet mentions only their names and not the specific parts they contributed.
The song "Kyrie Eleison" from the album The Spectre Within was used in the 1986 motion picture "River's Edge", starring Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover.
The phrase "Kyrie Eleison", is Greek and it can be translated as "Lord, Have Mercy".
The album title No Exit is named after the 1944 existential play by Jean-Paul Sartre.
The song Giants Lore (Heart of Winter) was inspired by Oscar Wildes' short story: "The Selfish Giant".
The statues on the cover of Perfect Symmetry are replicas of the famous statue, Venus De Milo.
Ray Alder (vocals) constructed the head used on the Still Life cover, using pages from the Fates Warning guitar tablature book.
In the liner notes of the album Parallels the band thanks "Dream Theatre". Dream Theater, who find this common misspelling annoying, jokingly thank "Fatez Warning" in the liner notes for their album Images and Words.