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Carl McCoy's other passion is believed to be motorcycles. He is also rumored to be a qualified mechanic. The noticeable presence of members of the Hell's Angels at Fields Of The Nephilim concerts might suggest that Carl himself is a member of the organization. A requirement for membership is at least 20,000 km travelled per year on a motorcycle.
During New Model Army's Impurity Tour, Carl McCoy would perform a cover of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" with the band. The tour took place between October and December of 1990 and bootleg recordings of this performance are in existence. Source
At the end of the second lengthy solo in the song "Submission" from Elizium, the sound of a guitar string breaking can be heard.
Fields Of The Nephilim fans sometimes call themselves "zone trippers", which is a reference to the character that Carl McCoy played in the film Hardware.
The band has been influenced by the imagery and soundtrack of the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone. The band even uses Ennio Morricone's "Harmonica" as an intro for the album Dawnrazor. The inclusion of elements from Morricone's music has prompted Carl McCoy to jokingly refer to his band's music as "Spaghetti Metal".
The song Psychonaut shares its title with the famous bible of Chaos Magick by Peter Carroll. A psychonaut is a person who uses intentionally induced altered states of consciousness to explore reality, consciousness and faith. Gnosis, the state that a psychonaut tries to achieve, can be induced using meditation, lucid dreaming or sensory deprivation. It can also be induced using psychedelic drugs, in which case it is called chemognosis.
The infamous occult writer and magician Alisteir Crowley is sampled in the song "At The Gates Of Silent Memory" from the album Elizium. The recording comes from a wax cylinder recording done while Crowley was still alive.
Sheer Faith, the graphics company responsible for all art associated with the Nephilim, is owned and supervised by Carl McCoy himself. Sheer Faith also works independently of the band and produces CGI effects for film and television, as well as online content.
Carl McCoy has been offered roles in many films, including Underworld and Pirates Of The Caribbean. So far, he only appeared in the film Hardware, directed by his friend Richard Stanley. It is not known what specific roles have been offered to him in other films.

Source: Metal Hammer UK July 2008
Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin, has been quoted as saying that he is a big fan of the Fields Of The Nephilim.