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Uneven Structure - Announce New Album First Details

The French band Uneven Structure has been working on their new album to finally follow the excellent debut Februus. They have almost finished the writing of La Partition, as the new album will be called. You can expect it to be released later this year and it should clock at around 50 minutes. Until then, you can expect more updates soon.

Guitarist Igor Omodei said about the new album: "We started working on La Partition around mid 2012. Back then we had no clear idea about the sound we were aiming for, we only knew we'd like something organic sounding and managing to keep its momentum through the whole album more than in Februus."

He continued: "For two years, most of the stuff we wrote sounded like Februus B-Sides ? dull, staccato riffing-oriented B-Sides. It felt like preparing another burger in a fast-food joint, minus the wage. During that time we also were touring a lot and kinda sorting out our lives work-wise to keep as much freedom as possible. We re-released 8 then most of us moved down to the south of France where the studio is in order to make this more of a group effort. Early 2014 was when things started clicking. Lots of ideas exploded, the general tone and direction for the album happened there as we managed to meet and spend time together regularly."

About the sound of the new album: "It's more like trying to explore different elements through each song, so it actually feels like it progresses through the whole disc rather than rehashing the same tools until they just become gimmicks. There are very slow noisy and heavy tracks ? almost sludge-like ? and much faster, hectic ones. Some are very intimate. It's all a matter of having dynamics and keeping things unexpected. You get these moments where something happens, and then the track just takes your hand and pulls you in another direction. You know, a bit like Gone Girl, if you've seen it."

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Posted: 10.02.2015 by BloodTears

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