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Deicide - March of Death 2012 in Denver, CO

Event: March Of Death 2012
Written by: D.T. Metal
Published: 03.04.2012


Deicide - Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO, 24th March 2012 by D.T. Metal (21)

Even though I have never have been the worlds greatest Deicide fan I have seen the band multiple times over the years. Totally blown away by their performance last year I was actually looking forward to their March Of Death 2012 tour which also featured Jungle Rot and Lecherous Nocturne. (Abigail Williams dropped of the tour a couple days earlier due to van problems)

Due to other commitments I missed all but the last song of Lecherous Nocturne's set, but I am pretty sure they will be back in Denver sooner rather then later.
Jungle Rot with their straight forward old school Death Metal were an excellent choice to be direct support to Deicide and even though their vocalist was sick due to food poisoning he contracted the night prior in Utah, the band gave all they got.
I haven't seen them in years, as a matter of fact the last time was WITH Deicide in 2006 maybe, and as suspected they put on an amazing show and the Denver crowd really got into them with ease.

Since one band dropped of the tour and there was no local opener that night, it was a little after 9 pm when Deicide took the stage. Besides the regular culprit's of Glen Benton (bass, vocal), Steve Asheim (drums) and Jack Owen (guitar) the band was once again touring with Kevin Quirion who replaced Ralph Santolla on guitar late last year. No big deal; Kevin is very familiar with the entire band's catalog and since this wasn't his first rodeo with them, he didn't miss a beat.

Like I mentioned earlier, during their first tour stop in Denver in support of their new album To Hell With God (2011) I was utterly impressed by their performance. Benton and Co. were spot on and I would have to say that they were even better the second time around.
Glen is widely known to interact (one way or another) with the audience and at last years show he had it out with a patron who threw a beer at him while on stage, but nothing happened that night. The crowd didn't hassle him at all which made for a very civil concert experience.
Well, the mosh pit was crazy as fuck all night long, but since the Bluebird Theater's front stage area is not all that big the madness was contained nicely.

The opener "Homage for Satan" certainly did set the stage for the insanity that followed and Deicide didn't waste time with long song introductions or breaks. Musically the band was on top of their game, but showmen ship wise the gig lacked some movement.
Both guitarists stayed on their side of the stage the entire night, and while Jack Owen is a phenomenal shredder his body movement was limited to leaning forward every now and then while slightly head banging. Kevin on the other hand was a bit more energetic and even Glen stood back occasionally to head-bang while no lyrics had to be sung.
But hey; it's definitely not mandatory to jump around on stage like Van Halen and by the sheer nature of their maturity and longevity I hope the fans understand the lack of bodily engagement by the band members.

Other then that, Deicide sounded amazing. Glen's vocals were spot on and his bass was heavily in the mix. It seems that Mr. Benton also stays current on the local NFL trash talk and stated right before playing "Blame It On God": "so, how about Tim Tebow? I guess God is not always on your side". Priceless!

While some might have missed seeing Ralphy on stage I am pretty sure all in attendance were in unity over Kevin's shredding abilities. And even thought Jack Owen has been with the band for a couple years now he had a bigger part in the sound of their last album. This was very apparent in "Conviction" which is definitely more mellow (well, for Deicide that is) compared to the usual heavy as shit guitar parts that Steve is writing.
And speaking of Steve; THE man behind the kit. Holy crap! He showed absolutely no sign of fatigue during the entire gig; and we all know how demanding most of the band's songs are for a drummer.

Kudos to Deicide for being one of the last defenders of old school Floridian Death Metal left these days and always giving 110% on stage.
Do yourself a favor and go see them next time they hit your neck of the woods, you won't regret it.
A picture of the entire set list for the night can be found in the gallery.

Pictures and short review by D.T. Metal

Written on 03.04.2012 by Former boss lady. Now just a professional concertgoer... dangerously armed with a camera!


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